PlayStation Unchained 59: Yet another Call of Duty tops the charts

Unchained is here, and a new challenger has appeared! Join co-hosts Mike Harradence and Ben Shillabeer-Hall, along with newcomer Neil Bolt, as they discuss the latest in PlayStation gaming.

FIFA 15 has been doing well very well, beating many great games on both PlayStation and Xbox! Even so, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has taken the crown, and no one is surprised. Also, a sequel to Destiny is already in development, and there's news on Grand Theft Auto V for PlayStation 4.

We also have reviews for Rocksmith, PES 2015, and Tales of Hearts R, as well as lots of banter about great PlayStation games.

Thanks for listening, and be sure to send us tweets and feedback on Twitter @PSUdotcom! Join us next week for episode 60!

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miyamoto1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

... and some people keeps on yapping about exclusives at this time of the year... oh, when will they ever learn?

Its the time of year when PlayStation makes its third developers happy by letting them take the center stage spotlight- a tradition since the original PlayStation. That's the way you do it.
Exclusives are there to showcase the hardware's power and capabilities during the other seasons. They should not compete with 3rd party partners' games season and cannibalize sales. NO.
but I can see the reason why the other two launches their exclusives along side the big 3rd party titles... catch-22.

MRMagoo1231408d ago

I think COD AW turned out to be a lot better choice than AC Unity for where to spend your money though and for once earned some sales with the changes to COD this time round.