This 12-Year-Old Game Looks Better Than Most Current Gen Games

When the Gamecube remake of Resident Evil came out, it was the best looking game I'd ever seen. Now it's getting an HD remastered version for Xbox One. How does a 12-year-old horror game stack up against its current-gen peers? Very well, as you can see in this Xbox One gameplay.

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GreenRanger1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

The remastered version won't be 12 year's old.

Spenok1409d ago

My thoughts exactly. And as Slinky below says, they're an illusion as their just still images. Just look at RE1 on PS1, those looked great as well.

Angeljuice1409d ago

The remastered version is the same game as the 12 year old remake, just with improved graphics. The original game is 18 years old.

I loved Resident Evil when it first came out, I never got the same thrills in subsequent sequels. I'm sure this game won't have the same effect if played nowadays, at the time it was fresh and new and produced genuine scares. I think it will have lost most of its charm over the years though, as what shocked then has become mundane and even clinched since.

slinky1234561410d ago

The graphics in the game are mostly just an illusion because they're just still pictures. If the game had a movable camera it would be completely different.

Jason_Plays_PC1410d ago

Yes even pre rendered backrounds on ps1 looked really good aswell.

NukaCola1409d ago

I absolutely loved PS1 bitmaps and still images and locked camera perspectives. Oddworld, Final Fantasy, Parasite Eve, RE, Silent hill all used this and it was awesome. Like being in a painting. Most games don't really do that anymore, maybe GOD OF WAR a little big with it's fixed cameras.

VealParmHero1409d ago

Agreed. It doesn't take away from how great the game looked and will look, as illusion or not, it still looks great.....but you really can't compare it to other games with more interactive environments.

ritsuka6661410d ago

The golden age of Residen Evil franchise. =(

viperman2401409d ago

Theres nothing special about this game, its just like the PS1 RE games. The backgrounds are pre rendered (just pictures) the only thing actually being rendered are the characters on screen.

I would love to see a current gen game using pre rendered backgrounds. There are so many things you can do that you cant do in realtime graphics.

PaleMoonDeath1409d ago

Still looks better than most game out there today, just booted up the Gamecube just to give it a spin, it's still incredible looking.

viperman2401409d ago

When did I say it looked back?

I guess it the way I worded it may have implied that judging by the disagree I'm getting as well.

I meant that the Gamecube version (and remake for that matter) of RE wasn't special technically speaking. As in its not taxing on the hardware at all since the game is only rendering characters and and a few other things. The rest is just a background.

But like I said before, I would love to see a modern game with pre rendered backgrounds, I would want the artist to go crazy with his imagination and detail.

Hell I wouldn't mind if RE 7 was like that.

oIITSBIIo1409d ago (Edited 1409d ago )

No it does not .

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