5 Reasons Why You Definitely Need Valkyria Chronicles on Steam

Honestly, if you’re getting nothing else this week and want a really great game to tie you over until your next anticipated release, check it out on Steam.

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gangsta_red1347d ago

The number one and only reason is because it's an awesome damn game!

3-4-51347d ago

Just bought it...Going to play it tomorrow.

Never played it before so this should be fun. I've heard nothing but good things about it.

I have VC2 for PSP, but I've read that this is much better.

Is the story better ?

LordMaim1347d ago

God, I wish they'd done a version of Valkyria Chronicles II for PS3. Lucky it works on Vita too. :)

styferion1347d ago

It's on my top RPG list last generation, definitely get it even if you're not RPG fans.

contradictory1347d ago

Had the original on PS3 backwhen...
Very much recommended