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gamrReview's Joseph Trotter: "Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 is a vast improvement on the last few instalments and offers a genuine building block for the series in the future. Hampered by the lack of licenses but aided by a sleeker, more refined edge, PES 2015 does its talking on the pitch. Combative, deep gameplay coupled with a variety of tactical options offers a genuine alternative to the FIFA bandwagon that goes some way to bridging the gap between the two series. Has it regained its crown? No, FIFA is still some way ahead. Is PES 2015 a very good football simulator in its own right? Definitely."

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Snookies121414d ago

I'm all about some PES, good to hear it's a definite improvement over PES 14.

bouzebbal1414d ago

getting PES2015 since PES2010 was my last one.
FIFA15 is a major fail, i hope PES delivers i have high hopes to finally go back to the PS2 days.

skwidd1413d ago


Got it yesterday and had some fun matches! I also skipped last gen and hoping to have fun like the ps2 days. So far its great. Don't think the graphics or options are mind blowing, and passing seems a tad slow even when you have the ball trapped. If this is the start then I have extremely high hopes for next year because the gameplay overall is immense fun! Way better than FIFA to me