Xbox Live experiencing matchmaking issues

There's no word on whether the problems with Halo: The Master Chief Collection have been fixed yet, but more Xbox Live issues have come to light: Destiny players are also experiencing matchmaking problems, as well as problems when trying to post statistics to leaderboards. The Xbox Live team is asking players to check back in 30 min. increments to monitor the service's status.

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aviator1891411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Matchmaking issues have already beem fixed. Only issues with leaderboards and viewing online state of friends remain.

um, ok. to the disagrees, you can just check here if you don't agree, but whatever.

Askanison41411d ago

I gave up a few hours ago. I was really looking forward to it too :(

Any games I did get into were extremely laggy - though that could have just been my connection

aviator1891411d ago

you might want to try again. they just rolled out another update/patch.

marlinfan101411d ago

ive had trouble connecting but when i finally do connect its ran really smooth

kickerz1411d ago

Ign posted this news story ages ago. I'm pretty sure it's fixed now.

donthate1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

All problems have been cleared out of Xbox Live!

That was damn fast!!!

I expected another day of issues, but I only experienced one matchmaking game that I had to retry connection. Everything else seemed to work without a hitch for me though.

mixolydian_id1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

I got my new Xbone yesterday afternoon 3:30pm... It was my 27th birthday so thought I'd treat myself to a finance deal (smh).

Either way... Took a fair old time until the console had downloaded all the apps and updates I needed... Also had to go through the motions of getting the Xb1 to an Open Nat... (Bt hub 5 with Cat 6 ethernet as standard still warrants a Moderate Nat?)

Then started installing MCC... Sat playing campaign for a bit while it installed... was sooo pumped to get online...

When fully installed... I tried to hit the servers and connectivity was a joke... I managed to get about 10 games in the 6 hrs I was playing for.

Connection when playing was fine... and sometimes we got a game straight away. Other times it was lobby music for 25 minutes... to then have to re setup the party again to enter the playlist.

Party lobby problems.... D/c's...

Some stuff is completely absent... like... which server I'm connected too and my Ping to that network.

Got off at 11:30pm GMT last night feeling dissatisfied.
I guess it's because there wasn't a beta?

Yeah.... can't wait to get online... but should really boycott the matchmaking service for a week till they sort all their crap out at their end.

Just bust out Campaign for a few sittings...

Volkama1410d ago

Mixolydian, you'll never see the server name because it will be completely meaningless. It's a virtual server on your nearest datacentre. It might be there next time you play, or it might not exist any more. Or it might be hosting a game of Titanfall or something.

Latency numbers might be nice to know, but I've yet to see any good reason to change to a further away datacentre (which is an option on Titanfall, haven't checked Halo) so an accurate number is not really essential information.

But yeah, I wouldn't bother trying to play multiplayer until matchmaking is fixed.

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nicksetzer11411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

I haven't had a single issue since 6am thia morning. Matchmaking for halo was down prior to that, but coop and cuatom games were fine. Not a singlw person on my friends list is having any issues.


Jason_Plays_PC1411d ago

Big multiplayer releases often have a few issues first few days, same thing happened with cod and titanfall.Its nothing suprising.

mhunterjr1411d ago

I tried about 45min ago and couldn't get a game. I wonder if some areas are up while others are still waiting.

Around the time I tried, there were roper on GAF claiming to have plaid several games without issue.

pompombrum1411d ago

My friend in Canada says he wasn't having too many difficulties finding a game but for me in the UK, it feels very very random, sometimes I can search for 10 minutes and nothing while others I have found a match in under 30 seconds.

pompombrum1411d ago

"um, ok. to the disagrees, you can just check here if you don't agree, but whatever."

Or we can check ingame, wait 5 minutes and get absolutely nothing and realize they aren't fixed regardless of what that status page says.

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Starbucks_Fan1411d ago

Don't mind. Enjoying the Halo campaigns :)

Rimeskeem1411d ago

So it has all halo campaigns as well?

If so I really want an Xbox one

Stiffler1411d ago

Yep it sure does. Halo 2 anniversary looks beautiful too!

2pacalypsenow1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

So 300k dedicated servers?

DLConspiracy1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Yep, now go play Unity or look up some sales charts.

2pacalypsenow1411d ago

Didnt buy that game still playing Sunset overdrive

crazychris41241411d ago

I gave up 45 min ago. Game was fun when mp was working.

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