Assassin's Creed Unity Takes Video Game Kissing To A Whole New Level

Assassin's Creed Unity may be taking some lumps from critics, but—not kidding— gamers need to appreciate how good the game's kissing is. Don't snicker.

Video games have a tough enough time animating individual characters and tougher times animating the interactions between two. Even at that, they can do violent interactions between bodies fairly well, but they struggle with subtler actions like, say, a kiss. Often, games cut away when characters kiss or cut to a camera angle that occuldes the character's mouths.

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NerdStar71412d ago

It takes framerate to a whole new level of unplayablility too.

GuyPearce1411d ago

it lasts longer, at least

Metallox1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

Meanwhile PS4 users are getting an irregular experience with that unstable frame rate. But yes, let's focus on next gen kissing.

SCW19821411d ago

Both consoles are having horrible stability issues. And if we are talking about good kisses Chloe and Nathan at the beginning of Uncharted 2 blows this away.

Metallox1411d ago

Ok, on all platforms or whatever. But still, these details of "a great cinematic experience" in an AC game don't matter a bit as long as the core gameplay it's not stable.

People that disagreed with me certainly didn't get my point.

joab7771411d ago

Despite the resolution problem etc. and my AC fatigue, I am actually enjoying this much more than I thought. There seems to be so much more to do.And Paris is gorgeous, even at 900p (c'mon Ubi wtf).

Anyway, I do like this more than the last 2. I think I loved the ships but they got repetitive quite quickly for me.

fallacious1411d ago

I'm completely the opposite. I was really hyped up for Unity and when people were complaining about the framerate a day before I got my copy, I thought that everyone was over-exaggerating as everyone does on the internet. But once I actually played the game I couldn't believe how right everyone was.

The framerate was atrocious and how much it frequently drops pissed me off so much. Not only that but the story so far is so bland, didn't care for this Ezio knock-off or his dad or the girl.

Mostly I'm pissed at how Ubisoft had the gall to release a mostly broken and unfinished game.

SaveFerris1411d ago

Why don't the characters speak in a French accent? Are they not French? Just curious.

Maxor1411d ago

What nextgen kissing. I don't see anything with all angles blocked.

AgentSmithPS41411d ago

"Assassin's Creed Unity Takes Video Game Kissing To A Whole New Level"
No, it's a whole new level of fail, I actually didn't expect "kiss hype" to let me down, but sadly the best things I've seen so far from Unity are the funny/scary bugs.

When people are kissing I don't want to see more of the man's face than the woman's, Ubi can't even get this right... Similarly, when two women are kissing, you use an angle that shows more of the most attractive one's face.