PS4 vs Xbox One vs Wii U Lifetime Sales – October 2014 Update - PS4 Lead Grows

VGC Writes: "Looking at the total sales of the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Wii U in October shows how the PlayStation 4 has continued to grow its lead over the Xbox One and Wii U. Also the gap between the Xbox One and Wii U has continued to shrink. The PlayStation 4 passed the 12 million mark this month and the Xbox One the six million mark. The PS4 has sold 12.65 million units lifetime, the Xbox One 6.33 million units, and the Wii U 7.30 million units.

PlayStation 4 Total Sales: 12,564,780

Xbox One Total Sales: 6,333,572

Wii U Total Sales: 7,304,641"

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KrisButtar1343d ago

What was the Wii, PS3 and 360 1st year sales? I would have been nice to show a comparison including those as well to get a larger picture of what is happening.

trunkswd1343d ago

I have another monthly article comparing the 2 generations. That will be up tomorrow with more sales figures. When you compare the PS4/X1/Wii U with the PS3/X360/Wii sales are down. However, when you compare the PS4/X1 with the PS3/X360 sales are up.

KrisButtar1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

how many PS3s sold in the 1st year compared to the 360? I think the 360 was around 10 million after its 1st year which is better than what the X1 is doing at the moment. Is the X1 doing better than the PS3 did its 1st year? How many Wii's sold in the 1st year compared to the PS4's 1st year? Is the PS4 doing better sales wise than the PS2 did? Those are the types of things I'm interesting in seeing

sonarus1342d ago

who cares about sales. i'm more interested in cod attatch rates

Zenith4k1343d ago

It's more difficult for Xbox 360 though as the red ring made many rebuy the console. ( I'm not trolling I came from 360 to ps4) so even though 360 sold more many of those where rebuys.

Loadedklip1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

Unfortunately Playstation 3 also died from Yellow Light of Death.

I don't have a single friend that didn't own at least 2 X-Box 360s AND two or more Playstations 3s.

My Playstation 3 died last year while playing Last of Us.

My SNES, N64, Neo-Geo CD, Dreamcast, original Wii all still work.

Darrius Cole1342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )


That's a false equivalency. The rate of PS3 breakdown was nothing close to as high as the rate of breakdown of the Xbox 360. To mention them both in the same comment without pointing out the disparity is misleading at best.

Reports of early failure from a PS3 were few and far in between. At the same time it was very difficult to find someone who didn't have a 360 to fail on them or on a close friend before said 360 was a year old, Moreover, it was very easy to find people who were on their 3rd or 4th 360.

It got better after year 3 or 4 in the 360 console cycle, but in the first 360 3 or 4 years the 360 was on the market it was just as I described.

VforVideogames1342d ago

The 360 sold 5mil the first year and xbox one 6.5mil the first year, not bad.

Loadedklip1342d ago

@ Darrius Cole ... all I know is my PS3, my brothers ps3, cousins ps3, and best friends ps3s all died. My cousins died twice. Ylod was real especially on the original model which we all had.

Guess we are all damn unlucky but it's the truth.

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jmc88881342d ago

360 sold ~6.1 million units in 2006. But I've also seen 8.9 million (well, we'll use the lower one)

Xbox One is on track for quite a bit lower.

Microsoft said they sold 3 million in 2013. If that number was accurate it means they have only sold ~3.33 million so far this year and probably will reach 4 million (or pretty close) due to the holiday season.

Wii sold 16.94 million in 2007

PS3 sold about 9.25 million in 2007

So remember when people say...oh well the Xbox One's numbers are lower then the 360 because the 360 had everything to itself.

Well, the PS3 still sold 9.25 million while Wii Mania was going on (16.94 million Wii's sold that same year) blows that incorrect presumption out of the water.

coolvibu931342d ago (Edited 1342d ago )

It will sell more than 4 millions by the end of the year. The holiday sales account for the majority of sales in a year. I still remember when the 360 was able to pull 1 million sales on the Black Friday week alone. I think more realistically it will reach 7-9 millions

Mizikiel1342d ago

The sales for xbox 360 first year was about 5 million. PS4 has sold x2.5 more so that is grazy to think about and people are saying consoles are going to die. What a joke.

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PS4 is great. Loving the last of us at the moment. Xbox One is great as well. Loving Duty and Halo on it right now. Have not fallen in love with sunset overdrive though. Wii u has its moments. Mario 3d world was amazing. Bottom line is play hard on whatever box you want and enjoy yourself.

trunkswd1343d ago

Agreed. If I had the money I would own all three consoles, since there are games I want to play on all of them.

kwandar1343d ago

Mario 3d? Bayonetta 2 is more like it :)

Loadedklip1342d ago

Why not both? Both are at the top of their respected genres/sub genres in terms of quality.

kwandar1342d ago

Agreed - I have them both - just that I think Bayonetta 2 was superior :)

SmokingMonkey1342d ago


Well said, who the hell disagree's with that?!

Oh I see it now, you said something neutral about an exclusive. LOL

BlackTar1871342d ago

Yea man I was super stoked for SSOD but i can't get into it. I keep trying because i like the idea and the art and humor but something with the gameplay mechanics has me not buying in all the way.

I won't stop though when i buy a game i intend to play it all the way through at least once. I have about 5hrs in the game so far.

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BiggerBoss1343d ago

Ps4 at double the Xbox ones total sales already, thats impressive.

And sales will only get better after the big games start dropping

KiwiViper851343d ago

I feel like anyone who wants those games will already have a PS4.

I doubt there will be a noticeable surge in sales.

MRMagoo1231343d ago

I feel you have no idea what you are talking about

When GTAV launches there will be a jump in PS4 sales , imagine what it will be like when UC4 releases on it. Bare in mind tho that the PS4 is currently outselling all other new gen consoles easily at the moment with no big names yet, so its not like a boost will matter all it will do is make the gap grow faster.

stuna11343d ago

So you feel the PS4's fanbase is only 12,500,000 people!? Did you forget to drink your V8 today?

Bathyj1343d ago

Thats like saying everyone who wants Halo already has an Xbone.

Neither is correct but my comment is probably closer to the truth since surely diehard Halo fans bought and Xbone at launch while new IP's like Bloodbourne, The Order etc should encourage buyers who havent gone next gen yet to upgrade.

MasterCornholio1343d ago

"I doubt there will be a noticeable surge in sales."

That's what you said about Destiny......

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The93Sting1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

Over 12 mill Ps4s sold
about 6 mill Xbox 1s sold

damn that's a 50% more for PS4, 2 to 1.

I wonder what will happen when the big titles of PS4 come out. oh man it's gonna be brutal

trunkswd1343d ago

Microsoft is doing whatever they can to win the US this holiday season with the $50 off. Will they win in the US? We will find out. However, even if they do the PS4 will stay ahead of the Xbox One worldwide.

KiwiViper851343d ago

It's actually 100% more for PS4

ainTgoTTime2bleed1343d ago

Agreed but the funny thing is that those numbers for xbone are SHIPPED!, not even sold thru, that's

CaptainObvious8781343d ago

This is vgcharts as well as we can safely assume the sales gap is actually larger then what they're stating.

deafdani1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

2 to 1 means 100% more, not 50%.

50% more would be 1.5 to 1.


Svinya1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

Stay in school, kids, and learn proper math. 12 to 6 isn't 50%...

And what do you think the Xbox has no big future titles? Halo 5? Quantum Break? Gears of War??

Joey_Leone1342d ago

LOL that's it? LOL gears of war is literally a dead franchise on its last strings. And any real halo fan would tell you that Microsoft is just milking the franchise hardcore to make people buy their crippled system, and that it's not even worth it anymore. Quantum break? LOL i wouldn't be surprised if that game ends up on the ps4 later on after it's release, remember Bioshock? Mass Effect? It's the 360 all over again except it ain't selling.

coolvibu931342d ago


Microsoft owns the Quantum Break IP. And accept it or not, Halo is HUGE. It still is one of the highest-regarded franchises.

Antifan1342d ago

Fanboys innately say 'Halo is HUGE' but that's not the case anymore. FPS are dying slowly. The genre suffers from over saturation in the market. From the leaked gameplay, Halo looks no different from Titanfall or Cod. Saying Halo is the best franchise today is like saying Mario is still the best platform game. It's so retrospective, and out - of - date thinking. There are so many shooters out there that has done better than Halo on the gameplay side, but not on the same level of HYPE or brand recognition.

BlackTar1871342d ago


Mario is the best platformer :)

Halo is still awesome and a juggernaut.

coolvibu931342d ago


Halo is huge. You said it yourself. Whether you like it or not, from hype and brand recognition, Halo is still amongst the greatest. Halo 5 is a whole year from launch and it is already the 12th most preordered game in the US charts. That is saying something.

And FPS are not going anywhere soon. I agree the market is oversaturated, but there is a reason there is so many FPSs, cause it's the most popular type of game. This generation, games are all about being connected, multiplayer, and realistic-looking, etc., and FPS is the the best suited genre for this on consoles, i.e the one that has most-appeal.

Also, I'm curious, you state there are so many shooters that are better on the gameplay-wise. Care to list them? On consoles, can't think of many...

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Lazyeye791342d ago

Those replying saying that his math is wrong. It depends on what numbers you are using. It is 50% more using PS4 numbers ( 50% of 12mil=6mil) and 100% more if using xone numbers.

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