Microsoft's Success In Consoles Started With Halo

As The Master Chief Collection dictates a new direction for the series in the present, The Geek Culture looks back to the past, when Halo became an effective franchise for Microsoft.

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UltimaEnder1377d ago

Great read.... looking forward to the MCC tonight!

TheWatercooler1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

"Microsofts success in consoles started with halo"

Very true, and now it's pretty much all they rely on.


I usually don't talk about gaming at parties. Thats why I come to N4G. You know.. It is a gaming website after all

Elit3Nick1377d ago

you must be great at parties...

Pogmathoin1377d ago

He is awesome at parties, the token guy, everyone goes aaahhhh out of pity....

NerdStar71377d ago

Without Halo, Xbox would die.

LaurenKB1231377d ago

Not sure I would take it that far but like Mario for Nintendo it's definitely important to the console!

Summons751377d ago

Halo MCC and Halo 5 are the only reason to buy an that's true. This coming from a Halo fan from day 1.

ThePope1377d ago (Edited 1377d ago )

@Nerd @Summons

Let me guess; there are dozens of games to buy a PS4 for? Strange how that is, especially since every genre they have games in MS has one very similar. But while those games are worth buying a PS4 for, the X1 is a hard pass?

Now is this because games like Forza, SSOD, TF, KI, MCC, Project Spark, aren't good games, therefore not worth buying a system for? Or is it that you PS fanboys are so sad that while you have more exclusives so far this gen no ones cares about playing them or there broken?

Its clearly the latter. No I know Bloodborne, UC. I get it, those games are going to be great. Next year, guess what guys keep waiting the X1 fanbase isn't quite sure how to fit all of our exclusives into out schedules TODAY.

But hey, on the bright side update 2.0 is in the running for PS4 game of the year! Congrats...

MeliMel1377d ago

Im assuming that Summons means those are the only games he plays on Xbox One.

Xavior_Reigns1377d ago

Halo pretty much saved the original Xbox. I'm glad it did though, because it got some great games later on. I still hate how MS killed it after year four though.

2pacalypsenow1377d ago

They had to ,Nvida stopped making the Graphics chipset

1377d ago
IcicleTrepan1377d ago

yeah we all watched the same halo documentary you did..

Volkama1377d ago

Playing it now in the collection, it's astonishing how good it still is compared to modern shooters. This is an original xbox game, the AI, physics, music and level design are still remarkably competent considering it's 2 console generations old.

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