All Games Should Play in 60 Frames per Second

Lately, with the release of the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the frames per second debate has been happening a lot more, largely in the context of game developers intentionally capping their games to 30 fps. This was especially the case with Bethesda’s The Evil Within, which not only capped the game’s frame rate on both consoles and the PC, but letterboxed the screen. Along with an optional grain filter, it was plainly obvious that developer Tango Gameworks wanted to emulate an old, 1970s film look. After outcry from the PC community, the developer patched the game to both uncap the framerate and remove the letterbox.

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NerdStar71372d ago

Frame rate is not that big of a problem if you haven't played a HFR game in a while. If you can only play maxed out at 30FPS and then lower graphics to get to 60, then sure you will immediately notice. But if it doesn't drop below 30 and you haven't played in 60 in a while it doesn't matter as much.

I recently played Forza Horizon 2 and it's smooth and responsive (barely any latency in controls), feels like 45FPS to me even though it's 30.

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freshslicepizza1372d ago

the reason it 'probably' feels like 45 is because its likely locked.

not every game needs to be 60 but if every game was 60 people would notice. we have gotten used to games being 30, that doesn't mean it should be standard. people used to say the last of us played fine at 30 but once they got a taste of 60 they realize it makes a difference.

id like to see developers focus more on higher frame rates rather than trying to push the hardware with graphics all the time at the cost of frame rates.

bleedsoe9mm1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

i agree completely , its fluctuating framrate that kill the smooth feel of a game . NerdStar7 is right FH2 feels so smooth at 30 that it feels faster . locking the highest framerate as possible should be every devs first priority .

Svinya1372d ago

It is locked. FH1, Forza 5, and FH2 never drop a single frame.

ramiuk11372d ago

last of us 60fps was epic compared to 30 imo.

kryteris1371d ago

last of us 30fps on old gen, old rendering is not a comparison to 60fps on newgen hardware. What you experienced was low/medium settings vs high.

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kalkano1372d ago

Agreed. A lot of truth surrounding this topic, in this article.

But the opening comments:

"It's a truly exciting time to be a gamer. More so than other forms of media, videogames live and die not just by pushing creative boundaries, but technological ones. Today, we live in the day of motion sensing peripherals, eye watering visuals, interconnectivity, and pretty soon, virtual reality."

We also live in the day of copy/paste crappy gameplay.

BitbyDeath1372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

Minimum of 30fps is still better than lastgen.
Just accept it, nobody was shouting about it when we were hitting the 20's lastgen it was normal.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1372d ago

because it wasn't possible for almost every game

Raider691372d ago

The problem is that many games are not hitting the minimum of 30fps lock this generation!People expect that this generation atleast 30fps lock would be the norm but we still see high profile developers releasing games that dip to 20fps or lower on the so call new hardware.Why do people still support them!?

BitbyDeath1372d ago

I don't usually buy Ubisoft or EA games so no probs here.

Although I am looking to pickup Rainbow 6: Siege next year so hopefully they get it sorted before then.

Raider691372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

Stop supporting shoddy and unfinnished games,stop buying games at release or pre-order them;start talking more with your wallet...wait for reviews and technical analysis before spending your money!People that dont do this ...just have themselves to blame,if they end with a crap game in there hands.

Concertoine1372d ago

Well said. We have to make it clear we dont want unfinished products if we want them to disappear.

angelsx1372d ago

Every game is much better in 60fps?Yes yes yes

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