Check out Mark Henry, RVD and Adrian Neville’s Entrances in WWE 2K15 for PS4 and X1

2k Games has released a brand new video for the PS4 and Xbox One versions of WWE 2K15. The focus this time around is on the superstar entrances for Mark Henry, Rob Van Dam and current NXT Champ, Adrian Neville.

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DuoBrian1377d ago

Daamn, that looks awesome.

Hitman07691377d ago

People really go crazy over the character customization in this game, hopefully it doesn't suck this time.

hduce1377d ago

I'm buying this but there are too many games coming out on Nov.18th.

optimus1377d ago

Aside from having sharper graphics, there is hardly any difference with the last generation version.

TheJacksonRGN1377d ago

Actually the gameplay changes, are not in the last gen versions, only PS4 and X1. Those play like WWE 2K14. The PS4 and X1 also have the My2K Career mode exclusively.

optimus1376d ago

Since this was an article about the entrances, that's what i was referring to. I wasn't talking about gameplay, but since you brought it up, i skipped 2k14 waiting for this one...the small reversal window is horrendous to pull off...

if the next gen versions still have that then i wouldn't find it that much better from last gen, and I know about the exclusive career mode but people in this thread make it sound like it's a completely different game when all they did was add a few things here and there...

i bought it expecting drastic changes all around compared to the last one i have which was wwe13 and there isn't that much of a difference. in fact, they actually took things out.

rocky0475861376d ago

@Optimus, it's more than a few changes actually.

I posted this on 2K's WWE Forum so don't think I'm talking to you personally:

You have to play the game to experience the changes. Sure, you can easily sit here and say "Well I don't see the changes that much, I only see a stamina system added and chain grappling and crawling! That's it!" Naturally, you'd have to play the game to see how all of those things seamlessly and effortlessly come together to bring you a whole other experience from which you've never had before in a wrestling game.

Not the same level of interaction and intuitively designed control on how to handle the opponents. Is it perfect? Probably not, but it's a solid foundation for the things that they want to implement to make the game an entirely different product than what we're used to. Give them a chance to show that to us and I guarantee you won't be saying the same thing once you "FEEL" what has changed. That's why the tag line is "Feel It!" because they understand that some people will probably not want to see the changes, other than the graphics, so you'll have to feel the changes instead.

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