Top 5 Ways MMOs Get Players Immersed in the Game

One facet of mmorpg games that developers love to tout is that of immersion. It's almost a magical word in their vocabulary, and you'll see it liberally sprinkled through interviews, press releases, and game notes on their website. To be fair, mmo immersion is an important factor of online games. Players want to feel that they're an integral part of the virtual universe that they're playing in. This allows them to get caught up in the story being told and gives them a reason to log in practically every day to play the game. There are many different methods that online games can use to get a player immersed in the game as no single method is perfect on their own. These methods, when used together, can transport the gamer from his mundane life to a magical virtual world that is filled with wonder and adventure. MMO-Play examine the top five ways mmos get players immersed in the game.

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