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Jake Goldberg of CanadianGamer writes : The newest Call of Duty has been out for no more than a week now. Developed this time by Sledgehammer games has set out to change the traditional formula of how Call of Duty is played. This review is strictly multiplayer, seeing as many fans of the series play Call of Duty for this reason only. Let’s get into the review.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is a pretty game, but it doesn’t do anything spectacular that hasn’t been seen in past COD’s. The models are all done well and the textures are above average, but Call of Duty has never been about the graphics, and so this game is pretty true to the series in most respects.

The game is surprisingly decently optimized for Nvidia graphics cards, sadly the same can’t be said for AMD cards. The video settings panel has a good amount of options that can be toggled to affect performance, but you won’t want to be playing this game at anything other than 60FPS. A great yet super simple feature included in this years Call of Duty on PC is an FOV slider, the field of view can drastically be adjusted which allows for more customizable gameplay.

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