USA Hardware and Software weekly ending November 1st

ps4 keeps top spot in hardware , sunset overdrive tops software .

PS4 87,560
XOne 73,941
3DS 50,941
WiiU 27,774
X360 22,462
PS3 11,889
Wii 4,530
PSV 3,830

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DialgaMarine1196d ago

November's gonna be a very interesting NPD month. I'm betting PS4 might still take this month, despite everything the XBone has going for it.

aceitman1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

I agree ps4 will take November, they have lbp3 and then the gta5 bundle with the last of us they will do great ,there selling well with no game and a 399$ price tag . imagine with 1 or 2 free games at 399$ .

98xpresent1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

Gta V and tlou bundle ? When did they announced that

Edit: I don't think the xbone is gonna Win this month. I can see it coming close to the ps4 sales tho.

2pacalypsenow1196d ago


Most retailer are doing the GTA 5 and TLOU (digital) bundles for black friday

aceitman1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

here is something
confirmed here is bestbuys blackfriday preview with the ps4 bundle

donthate1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

I'm predicting that the Xbox One will take the lead in the US. Based on this:

Xbox One has sold consistently outsold the PS4 at amazon for almost two weeks now. Sometimes by several SKUs.

I think MS is about to have a very merry Xmas One! :D

aceitman1196d ago

@donthate its been 2 weeks since the price drop this one included and it didn't outsell the ps4 with an exclusive game this week ,the ps4 dropped to 30 on amazon against 5 x1 bundles with price cuts and free games and 50$ below the ps4's 399$ price with no game 1 week later only ac unity bundle which releases today is at 9th place while the others are 30 and above . so right now ps4 went from 30 to 14 and ac unity x1 bundle stands at 9 why because the game launches today by the end of this week ps4 will be back at 7-10 while x1 unity bundle will be above 20. bottom line is ps4 has staying power with no price cut (and being 50$ more) and with no free games when free games go into play ps4 will do what they did with destiny launch or higher.

captainexplosion1196d ago

There is no chance that PS4 wins November in U.S. And on Black Friday XB1 will dominate with all the sales.

u got owned1196d ago


yeah its been like that for the last 2 weeks and last week it had the SSOD bundle and COD:AW bundle on top also.

freshslicepizza1196d ago

i guess the lack of talk outside of the ps4 and xbox one means nobody really cares about those other systems. meaning it's become only a two way race on n4g with the ps4 way out front.

BX811196d ago

Yeah they might be last gen games and not new gen bundles but I bet the gta bundle moves some ps4's.

badz1491196d ago


what really funny is, it's the race of 1st and 3rd! the 2nd one is just jogging around like nobody cares LOL!

bouzebbal1195d ago

LBP3, GTA5.. enough said!
Too bad Sunset didn't exceed 200k first week.
November is a great month for gamers.

Ratty1195d ago

No game? I'm not running out anytime soon.

Muzikguy1195d ago

Dude that Black Friday ad for Best Buy confirms, I'm going broke

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DVS-Zev1196d ago

I would be shocked if X1 doesn't take november.Seriously, bundles, MCC, Discounts, marketing, COD/AC.It should be a wrap up.

If PS4 still sells more then this will be a brutal next few years for Xbox

BitbyDeath1196d ago

Yea, if they don't win this month then they likely won't have another chance until Halo 5 comes out.

ainTgoTTime2bleed1196d ago

Nah, you're forgetting dah cloudsszz, dx12 and halo

Stiffler1196d ago

@ainTgoTTime2bleed grow up, stop it with the immaturity, people saying exactly what your saying is exactly what is wrong with this site a the moment. I hope you wake up to yourself.

OT: It'll be really close with both consoles this November imo but possibly X1 could come out on top in the states this month. Whoever wins, I hope both gamers on either console have a blast this year.

It's a great time to be a gamer on all platforms :)

ger23961196d ago

They'll come close, but the ps4 sales would have to be stagnant. like it was mentioned before, there's a gta 5 bundle coming this month. I see alot of people making the jump to ps4 for that game alone.

Letthewookiewin1196d ago

Even if they win Nobember it won't be by much. It's not like PS4 isn't going to sell any units. But what the hell do I know.

badz1491196d ago

MS has a really good chance to win Nov in the NA but the PS4 is not letting them go easy even with the exclusives and CoD marketing! LBP3 might not be a huge seller like Halo and it's on the PS3 too, but with GTAV+TLoU bundle, it's gonna be one hell of showdown!

it will be funny if the Xbone wins this month though, because the fanboys will be celebrating forgetting that the Xbone is now $50 cheaper than the PS4, less than a year after launched at $100 more and they have been giving away games for the whole year just to keep it selling, and not to forget dropping the "integral part" of it in the process.

not saying that it's bad or anything as gamers win by getting basically free games, but from what I'm seeing, it's like MS is just looking to try hard to recapture the US market from Sony. it's showing as they barely do anything outside the US to even try outselling the PS4 elsewhere and we all know the PS4 is stomping it everywhere!

spacedelete1195d ago

if Titanfall "from the *former* creaters of Call Of Duty" can't help Xbox One outsell the PS4 what makes anyone think Sunset Overdrive will help it ?

bouzebbal1195d ago

because a console sells less than another doesn't mean it's brutal or not brutal.
in the end it's about the games each console is offering. It just seems like gamers find PS4 more attractive.
This month it's PES, GTA, LBP3. Most PES fans are waiting for the new one to be released to buy the PS4 for it. GTA will be a great success on both consoles but PS4 will definitely take the lead.
A very strong month for PS4 without a doubt.

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TheWatercooler1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

PS4 is easily outselling xbone more than these numbers.

We all know they over track xbone and under track PS4.

I also agree that PS4 should take this month. It has 3 bundles of it's own. FC 4, GTA V and LB3.

People want the PS4 this much is obvious. The xbone simply cannot mount an attack. It just isn't good enough

VforVideogames1196d ago

And this is why we're happy with one bubble ^_^

FITgamer1196d ago

I don't think so. I know Black Friday can turn the tides, but Microsoft is practically giving Xbox Ones away. I'll be extremely surprised if the PS4 wins November. 2 Xbox SKUs ahead of the standard PS4 SKU for November so far. Also 5 total Xbox SKUs in the top 100.

Letthewookiewin1196d ago

It's going to take a lot more than X11 winning Nov and Dec to turn the tides.

FITgamer1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

I meant for November, not total U.S. sales. I guess i should of been more clear and "turn the tides" probably not the best choice of words. I don't see the Xbox One ever taking over in total sales in any region.

Letthewookiewin1196d ago

No biggie wasn't attacking you.

AD7051196d ago

I think sony should do white ps4 bundles. Even MS should make white xbox one bundles.

Jason_Plays_PC1196d ago

Yea i predict the closest month so far, Ms had obvious sales increase with the pricedrop.

Loadedklip1195d ago

With the hype and momentum on Sony's side ... yea ... it probably is too little too late for Microsoft despite having the better exclusives between the two and better price bundles atm.

Gamer19821195d ago

doesnt matter if you have the so called better exclusives (although its subjective) if there not selling well as sunset overdrive sold poor.

Gamer19821195d ago

Sunset overdrive only sold 138,240? That's in US where there are 3.4 million Xbone users.. Thats shockingly poor. The game looks amazing and I really want to play and may do if its ever ported to PC or PS4 unless I get an xbone in the future. However Other companies are going to look at those numbers and think twice in future about releasing exclusives on xbone as titanfall was underwhelming numbers wise but this must be chalked down as an epic failure when it comes to sales.
VGchartz numbers are a little off but its not going to be off by more than a few thousand.

MS have a great game on there hands but people still see the xbox as a shooters console with Forza it seems and sunset overdrive although has shooting elements is more action/arcade.

ThatOneGuyThere1195d ago

SO's crappy immature humor killed it for a lot of people. its not clever enough.

nitus101195d ago

Actually is it just me or does "Sunset Overdrive" look like awfully like "Rachet and Clank" (without Clank) but with a different skin?

I know that both games are made by "Insomniac Games" but from what I have seen of the advertising of "Sunset Overdrive" the game-play looks awfully similar to R & C with such things as Grind rails, BFG's (well in R & C you do have them), lots of weird enemies and deadpan humour.

xXSilentXx1195d ago

i want to see December sale charts for the holidays :) that one is going to be huge!!!!

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WeAreLegion1196d ago

Good sales, all around. The Xbox One will, most likely, win November in the US. Every Black Friday ad includes the Xbox One for $329.99. So, it's going to sell like hotcakes. MCC will help, as well. That GTA V bundle and LBP 3 will do wonders, but never underestimate Black Friday promotions.

TheNew11196d ago

Thank you! Someone with some common sense around here. And even if it's just November, that's only 1 month. 1 month is good enough though for Microsoft, because it will give them more momentum and confidence.

Clarence1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

M$ are practically giving the xbone away with free games and it's still being outsold. People want the PS4 more. They're will be a lot of PS4 bundles for available for Black Friday. I believe the PS4 will take November. The PS4 gab continues to increase, despite the efforts of M$.

It's pretty obvious that people are not just going to go out and buy the Xbone because M$ drops the price. Right now consumers are still pissed about what M$ tried to pull.

A total of $150 price drop didn't move console. Titanfall didn't move consoles. A free game didn't move consoles. Sunset Overdrive didn't move consoles. I don't know what else they could possibly do.

kneon1196d ago

If they do take November I wonder how much of a fuss they will make about it.

I would think they wouldn't want to get seem too excited about it because come January things will settle down to their old pattern of the PS4 being well ahead again.

MRMagoo1231196d ago


If MS dont make a big deal about winning november (if they do that is) then you can bet the xbone fanboys still will, even though we know its one month and wont make a difference world wide.

Stiffler1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

@ Clarence



"It's pretty obvious that people are not just going to go out and buy the Xbone because M$ drops the price. Right now consumers are still pissed about what M$ tried to pull."

With immature words and phrases like that it's no wonder you're so full of hate towards a corporation. And I bet it's people that use silly fanboy words like that who whine when other fanboys say "sony pony" "herp herp ponies". Fueled by fanboy rage.

It's pretty obvious that people ARE in fact "just going out to buy it" because it's a great deal and offers great entertainment.

People like you keep on bringing up this "MS tried to screw over the gamer hard", yes, they did, but there was also positives to what they were trying to do. People just don't like change. They like simplicity. They like things to work how they have.

Microsoft have done nothing but improve since that bad launch, I dare you to prove to me with sources otherwise because they haven't effed up ONCE since then. Not once. They've done everything right by us gamers, listening to us, implementing features suggested by US, games as their priority as has been made clear by phil.

Move on. Just as we all did after that mishap at Ps3's launch. We moved on. Look where Sony is sitting now with the playstation, very very successful and they turned everything around since then so what makes you so sure that MS cannot do the same as they have been with the X1? It's now the end of 2014 so deal with it, quit whining over something that was not even implemented because MS listened the outcry against the new ideas.

Be happy that you have the time and money to game man, lifes too short to complain about the little things that don't even happen.

mcstorm1196d ago

Your spot on. The Xbox one is being turned around after a bad start just like the ps3 did. I'm not saying the Xbox one will out sell the ps4 world wide but I think they will close the gap in the US and UK this gen and I also think it will make for an interesting start to next gen.

I just hope Nintendo carry on growing too as I want all 3 to do well.

Jason_Plays_PC1196d ago

Errm..That tomb raider stunt they pulled and dropping kinect and the price so much after launch annoyed people too, They are likely to do anything at this stage.Whats stopping people waiting another year? For all we know it could be 249 by then.

rainslacker1196d ago

Despite all that, perception is king. While the well knowing gamers that keep up on everything may know better(although I believe that the early policies were just evidence of standard operations at MS), even if they keep bringing it up, there are still plenty of people who remember it and may not keep up on all the good that MS has done since Phil took over.

No matter what the reason, there has to be a reason that MS isn't selling as many X1's as Sony is selling PS4's. It doesn't really matter what you or some Sony fan boy think, it matters what everyone who is looking for a new console thinks. To date, the PS4 seems to have the most people wanting to buy it, and all the arguments pro/con for either system are likely a factor to some degree.

On a side note, I do have to admit that this holiday's deals for MS are excellent, and while I have an immense backlog, I may jump in sooner than I thought I would.

xavierbigdaddy19721196d ago

You do realize it took sony years to recover and years for gamers to forgive them. Xbox is no different

ThatOneGuyThere1195d ago

the PS3 didnt have a bad start, it had a late start. get it right.

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TheNew11196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

Sunset Overdrive at 138,240 November 1st? It released October 28th, which means that is only 5 days worth of sales numbers. Also, the Xbox One price cut could of affected it and it wouldn't of been more than that.

Edit: Why am I getting disagrees? Isn't this only for 5 days?

LordMaim1196d ago

That's not fantastic for such a highly rated exclusive game.

TheNew11196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

It doesn't include the bundle sales, and like I said people could of held back because of the price drop.

Stiffler1196d ago

@Lord Maim
@The New1

This doesn't include the big SO X1 Bundle.

Some people understimate the amount of software that sells when these bundles are picked up.

Destiny PS4 bundle was very big.
COD AW X1 limited ed. bundle is very big.
SO Bundle is very big.
The soon to arrive GTAV PS4 bundle will be very big.

These are massive figures that are not included in software sales and estimates that some how should be in the future which is a shame that they aren't tracked atm.

But yeh, figures are never going to tell the full story, just a chapter. Happy gaming.

LordMaim1195d ago

@Stiffler: Well yes and no. They only sold 74k Xbox Ones in that week, and I strongly doubt that 100% of those were the Sunset Overdrive bundle.

Not to stir up the pot, because I really feel do feel bad for Insomniac who hasn't really had a successful game since Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time. These guys really do deserve to be a prosperous multiplatform studio and just can't seem to find their feet.

1196d ago
SpartanYalo1196d ago

the bundle was extremely limited. Probably add 10,000 to those 138,240.

benji1011195d ago

I feel bad for Sunset overdrive. Those sales should be better than that. THis is a poor reflection on gaming in general.

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