Halo 5 Developers Explain How Smart Scope Really Works

Smart Scoping works much differently than aiming down the sights. Halo 5 Guardians reaches for familiarity for newcomers and traditional play for seasoned vets.

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TheVideoGamHer1373d ago

It's pretty dope that Halo 5 doesn't make ADS, or Smart Scope mandatory for seasoned players. I know a lot of people were concerned that they were trying to causalize Halo and make it more modern.

fitfox1373d ago

"SMART SCOPE".. riiight...

NerdStar71373d ago

So basically the auto-kill gun from Titanfail? Oh right...

KarmaV121373d ago

Yeah, if you read the article that is exactly what it says

TheVideoGamHer1372d ago

At least it can be countered, I guess lol.

spicelicka1372d ago

What the eff are you talking about.......