A Video Game Genre That Died Hard The RPG

The question is @CraigheadPro When It comes to how gaming has changed over time. Is there any particular areas or genres that you feel like have kind of died? And if so, is there anything you wish would come back? #AskCraigheadPro

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NerdStar71199d ago

I like rocker propelled grenade launchers... oh you mean RPG games?.. Meh.

ThatGamingCritic1199d ago

I miss those too! RPG FOR THE WIN!

kalkano1199d ago

Thank you! This is why I lost interest in modern gaming!

Godmars2901199d ago

So *that's* what been going on with me. And I thought I was the only one.

Muzikguy1199d ago

I can definitely agree with you. While there's a lot of games that have been fun lately, not being able to get lost in a 40+ hour RPG is disappointing. I'm tired of hearing about how they take too long to make too. We were getting games like crazy back in the PS1 days. Now companies release trash and milk it. A good RPG will sell. They just need to make one. It may not be COD type sales but it should be good enough. The souls games, ni no kuni, and others did well. Not the type of RPG I'm talking about but still

SegaGamer1199d ago

I blame modern gamers. They ain't satisfied unless they have gore, guns or fast cars. I find that boring.

Nothing beats a good JRPG.

kalkano1198d ago

I agree to a point. But, I think there's a sort of "second mainstream" group, that's not quite as big as the first, but close. This group has been largely ignored for the last generation+. It's pretty easy money for someone who wants to put a little effort in.

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Godmars2901199d ago

With the PS2, RPGs fell into a design rut, so they failed to evolved when they needed to with the PS3. Which isn't exactly true. Given that dev troubles forced the Ps3 to fall out of favor, with MS also aggressively grabbing RPGs but not really caring or setting requirement for advancement. So that even a notable title like Lost Odyssey regressed the genera.

Majin-vegeta1199d ago

Technically they didnt die.Just many were not released outside Japan since they would not sell very well.

Kurisu1199d ago

Dead, right.

So that's why there's so many "Tales of" games coming out. Xenoblade Chronicles X is going to be released on Wii U. We've got Persona 5 coming out next year as well, but before that there's Final Fantasy Type-0 HD in March.

Not dead quite yet.

kalkano1199d ago

Did you watch the video?

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