Whatever Happened To: The Bard's Tale?

Wastelander75: "In 1985, programmer and game designer Michael Cranford had an idea. An idea seeped in the lore and tradition of the old pen and paper games of a youth now long gone. An idea that became a song once sung by the light of tavern fires far across the imaginary lands of Skara Brae. That song became a tale. That tale, a legend. A legend that defined a generation of gamers. One that, if one were to guess, perhaps moved a person's spirit on to greater things in the gaming community... and beyond.

"Sadly, it has now become a tale all but forgotten by time. The ashes of the now cold hearth long scattered to the wind. And yet, as echoes of the past slowly become the pillars of independent-minded futures, one wonders if the song can ever be heard again; if the world-weary troubadours of old will one day take their rightful place by firelight once more. And once more fill the adventuring halls with songs of both valor and courage. Perhaps, some say.

"But just as many say perhaps not."

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