PS4 Exclusive The Tomorrow Children’s Screenshots Show Amazing Lighting, Vehicles and Giant Monsters

The alpha of the upcoming PS4 exclusive The Tomorrow Children is in full swing, but only a limited number of invited have been sent out. If you aren’t among the lucky ones who got an invite, there’s still plenty for you to see.

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radler1343d ago

Wow, a third article from Abriael talking about the amazing lighting in PS4 exclusive The Tomorrow Children. Excellent job my man, looking forward to more articles about the incredible lighting in this game tomorrow, and throughout the week. Please tell me more about the lighting in this game. Wow.

MasterCornholio1343d ago

There's always bound to be salty people in articles like this.

Svinya1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

He sounds like he's annoyed with the quality of articles that you post. And I tend to agree. Oh and btw, there's nothing "amazing" about the lighting. It's pretty, sure, but not amazing. Stop with the overused click bait adjectives.

hay1343d ago

I think radler just went with high pitched whoosh above your heads.
The lighting in PS4 game will be awesome because developers are using pretty much solid engine for that purpose and talking about lighting theese days is like talking about who bought which app for their iPhone.

Their in-house(Japan) developed lighting engine has been developed by Refractive Software(New Zealand) and later taken over by OTOY(USA) which is a subsidiary of Autodesk. This a commercially available product for everyone with the money.

Education before bashing.

Neixus1343d ago

You are aware of the fact that this is Abriael's job right? He makes money of writing articles, if were to write articles I'd probably do the same tbh.

Svinya1343d ago

You would spam n4g with multiple articles saying the same thing?

Abriael1343d ago (Edited 1343d ago )

@PixeLicious: The articles are about screenshots, and the screenshots are new ones. So yes. It's perfectly logical to do so, despite some getting salty about it.

If you don't like, don't read. Simple.

Blackleg-sanji1343d ago

Damn dude who spilled salt in your cornflakes today

BitbyDeath1343d ago

Was watching a stream of this earlier today and graphics wise it looks fantastic. Gameplay wise, I am still confused...

Obviously it is Minecraft on steroids but these sorts of games look like they need some local co-op to be fun.

GameDev11343d ago

local co-op definitely wont suit the gameplay

There is such a huge open world to create to do activities around, none of this has anything to do with co-op, there isnt really a two person competitve edge in this game

MysticStrummer1343d ago

I've been watching different streams off and on. One guy went 24 hours. I've seen devs show up in two streams and drop surprise codes. By the time I get the code in it's too late, but I'm loving the way this game looks (unusual visuals and gameplay). I've seen at least two streamers who said it's not much like Minecraft at all. Local co-op is always nice, but I disagree that the game needs it.

S2Killinit1343d ago

looking forward to this. It feels like its going to be a breath of fresh air. The graphics are cool in the sense that they make you feel like you're dealing with real items, but then its obviously to a "real" world. Its interesting.

HaveAsandwich1343d ago

People are in forums saying the alpha is great. Guess you have to play it to understand. I will definitely be buying.

moomoo3191343d ago

Other then the lighting the graphics look a bit mundane.