UK Weekly Chart, Week Ending 01 Nov 2014

PS4 19,700 (+20%)
XOne 13,552 (+8%)
3DS 12,240 (+4%)
X360 4,529 (+3%)
PS3 4,108 (+16%)
WiiU 3,516 (-3%)
PSV 894 (+7%)
Wii 367 (+4%)

Sunset Overdrive (XOne) 27,115

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TheWatercooler1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Damn straight. PS4 absolutely dominating Xbone. Uk was a previous xbox stronghold.

Just goes to show the quality of the PS4 and the fact it is a must have piece of technology. Any wise person would pick one up

They are practically giving the xbone away and still it's sales are being crushed.

What can ms do now?


Still banging that drum? PS4 has more AAA, indie and downloadable exclusives than Xbone. There have been many lists posted and you keep ignoring it

lelo2play1413d ago

"They are practically giving the xbone away..."

Seriously! What the hell are you smoking?

If they are giving the X1 away, I want one.

Pogmathoin1413d ago

A wise person would pick up a system that has games.

Alabamarolltide19901413d ago

A wise person picks up both. I'm enjoying the PS4 and the Xbox One

MasterCornholio1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )


"A wise person would pick up a system that has games."

Thanks for complementing Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U owners.

I agree with you that they all have great games to play.


Thank god Amazon Fire TV and Ouya are not selling as well as these devices.


Hey! Why the heck are you calling me stupid for not picking up a system that barely has any games that interest me?

I'm going to pick up a Wii U when Zelda comes out because the Wii U already has plenty of games that interest and Zelda will push me over to buying one.

A wise person buys the system that has games that interest him. A fool buys a gaming console to not play games on it.

Gamer19821412d ago

Wouldn't mind but every other ad over here is xbox related. Every third party ad has xbox logo at the end so obviously MS is paying for those ads or at least part of them but its still not helping the console beat Sony. They really need to stop trying to beat Sony and be themselves. That's what Sony did this generation tried to be differnt with live streaming and remote play etc and its worked out great. MS need to give unique GAMING related features not TV features then sales will start to creep up. I doubt games alone are going to do it at this point.

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Bigpappy1413d ago

Sure is a lot of celebration for a rumor classification. You guys aren't celebrating rumors, are you? ... No you wouldn't do that

s8anicslayer1413d ago

@Bigpoppy...Pop...there goes another bubble

stuna11413d ago

When the rumor turns out to be true! Which in the case of the PS4 outselling the Xbox1 in every country that they are currently in together. The only discrepancies involve the numbers being a little schewed as to actual amounts.

Then to make matters worse since the Xbox1 release in China it has been so quite on that front, that you could practically hear a pin drop. There is no doubt in my mind that when the big franches start hitting the PS4 next year this sales gap now will be considered minor in comparision.

CaptainObvious8781413d ago

PS4 19,700 (+20%)
XOne 13,552 (+8%)

I have to commend vgcharts. This is the first time I've ever seen the PS4 with a higher adjusted percentage.

The gap must be really big this week if vgcharts were forced to do that.

shinrock1413d ago

With all the talk of vg rigging their numbers, why is that these articles keep getting approved?

Muzikguy1413d ago

Something between n4g and vgc is my guess. People keep complaining and the site hasn't been banned. Maybe it's because it's the only one out there giving ideas of the numbers until official ones come out idk

fei-hung1413d ago

because there is literally no other site that will give us estimate numbers / tracking information for WW sales. This is the closest free service gamers have and it isn't half as bad as people make it out to be.

You don't need to take the numbers as exact sales, as approximates they are good enough at painting a picture of how platforms are doing.

1413d ago
fei-hung1413d ago

No one is asking anyone to trust the site, and I am a playstation supporter. However, there is zero harm in taking the numbers with a grain of salt to get rough idea of where sales are at.

Besides, I find it more peculiar that sites like Kotaku, Polygon and others are still being submitted with their bouncing reviews and untrustworthy reviews.

gangsta_red1413d ago

Because VGChartz is favoring PS4 now.
So now VGChartz is to be trusted and celebrated again.

johndoe112111413d ago

I have never seen a ps4 supporter on this site say that VGChartz should be trusted. NEVER. You're a hypocrite because you know that. Didn't expect anything different from you.

Gamer19821412d ago

VGchartz are not favouring PS4 now they are still constantly caught out making xbox numbers too high and thats because of how they get there numbers. Not because they actually prefer the consoles. The end of the day these numbers are part estimation so are rounded up rather than down. PS4 numbers seem to come from a less reliable source since they underestimated by 1 million earlier this year in a 1 month period. Nobody really knows how they get there numbers just until there sources actually change xbox numbers will be a little high and PS numbers low. Its not however because they favour one over the other.

Fair play to them though they do adjust them when real numbers come through by real stat sites like NPD etc..

Ra30301413d ago

Well according to NPR. BTW that's the sales site that does matter and they report that VGChartz aka XBChartz at least when they pull their numbers out their butt they at least get 2 things right. The first thing they get right is that the PS4 out sells the X1 every week and month and the second thing the get right is that's the PS4 outsells the X1 by a lot. So they don't get the numbers just right but as we see every month that when the NPR come out the VGChartz aka XBChartz are in the X1's favor.

shinrock1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Huh??! You know what? forget it!! Lmfao, im getting to old for this!