Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare UK sales tracking higher than Ghosts

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare sales are tracking faster than last year’s entry in the UK.

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Jackhass1409d ago

Interesting. A lot of people have been predicting this one would flop, but I think it's going to do surprisingly well.

Gamer-401408d ago

I like MW series. But not buy this episode. Ghosts not a perfect CoD, but much more military reality design.

dcj05241408d ago

Uhhh, who said this was MW? It's Advanced Warfare set between 2054-2060. It's not suppose to be realstic lol.

Wikkid6661408d ago

AW is in the future, but is totally based on reality.

You do know the US military already has jet packs and exo skeletons in development?

RosweeSon1408d ago

Sad times, with this and FIFA it's the same old in the U.K every year.

MetroidFREAK211408d ago

I'm pretty sure this game will sell more than Ghosts, but less than Black Ops 2

kalimero21408d ago

activision still didn't announce numbers

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