Black Friday Deals one stop shop

We all love saving money, and retailers love rolling out the deals this time of year, so let’s not waste any time, here are the Black Friday deals so far. We’ll have a comparison of all the retailers to help you get the best deal possible in this post and continue to update it as new retailers reveal the deals.


UPDATE - added Toys R Us 40% off sale

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Dxtra301341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

This is great for Black Friday gamers. To the person / people that put this together a job well done!

NegativeCreep4271341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

I'm picking up a Galaxy Tab Pro for only $200 from Best Buy on Thanksgiving day, I just don't know if I should also pick up either Infamous: SS or Shadow of Mordor. They will be at great price points then.

As usual, Gamestop doesn't offer anything to the gamers. That's why I've always laughed at their slogan as well as the lame guy's voice who says it: "Power to the Players".

markplayenlightened1341d ago

Both are solid choices, personally it's Shadow of Mordor over Infamous. The price for Mordor is well worth it for sure.

Eidolon1341d ago (Edited 1341d ago )

Platinumed both, SoM sounds like the better choice for me at those prices, being that it is newer and has pretty unique features this gen. Infamous: SS was a shorter game(platted with 2 playthroughs in 21 hrs), but very good as well.

JoeMcCallister1341d ago

Thank you very much! We will definitely keep updating it and keep you all posted!

nowitzki20041341d ago

Elder Scrolls Anthology for $15 at best buy. That is a lot of gaming for 15 bucks. I hope i can get it

JoeMcCallister1341d ago

Remember they're doing online as well, so if you can get online Thursday, get it! Great deal for some great games for sure.