Advanced Warfare is the best thing ever... For Battlefield

From GamesReviews:

"For years, EA have tried to take the battle to Activision and for years they've fallen short. The PR smack talk every year DICE has released a shooter has been intense, and every release does respectfully by almost any measure, except that of Call of Duty.

"It's not that they're especially similar, because they're not - outside of the basic premise of running around shooting one another anyway. Rather, it's just two big games in a single genre. But now, Activision has given EA a lifeline by publishing a Call of Duty that leaves even the pretence of realism completely behind."

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NerdStar71293d ago

Neither Betafield or CoD are realistic.

Ps4andxb11293d ago

Can i ask why you would even say something like that.

I mean seriously, have a think about what you just typed lol

NerdStar71293d ago

I though about it and there is nothing wrong with me comment.

Svinya1293d ago

He's right. Neither are realistic. BF might be slightly MORE real than cod, but it's by no means "real".

SpaceFox1293d ago

He's completely right. Battlefield gets kind of close but compared to a game like Arma 2, it's an arcade game. I'm personally not a fan of Arma though, I think Battlefield finds the right balance and that's just fine. DICE has already said they don't sacrifice fun and balance for realism.

Now if only Battlefield had some more reliable servers and a couple dozen less infuriating bugs.

3-4-51293d ago

After playing all of the new FPS games over the past 2 years I can say I had the most fun with BF3/Bf4.

Titanfall was cool but got old after 3-4 days.

Destiny was awesome for about a week, then got old fast.

* COD:AW was fun for like 1-2 days and then it just became annoying.

^ Just traded it in for AC:Unity today.

* None of them were perfect but I'd say certain maps on BF 3 like Kharg Island & certain maps in BF4 were where I had the most pure fun & enjoyment.

BF4 was still missing a few things that kept it from being as good as it should have been but at least you can get into actual battles and gun fights that involve tactics, skill, strategy & teamwork.

COD:AW was like one big Cluster Frak.

martinezjesus19931293d ago

I was having so much fun with BF4 during the ps4s launch months. Then I played Titanfall in March and I couldnt go back to the dreadfull slow pace of BF4. (I didnt like driving the vehicles, well just to get where I was going) I was good at BF4, always being in the top 5 in conquest, but I still felt like as much as I did, i berely made a difference. I like making a difference and standing and have people say we won cause of me. Thats why I enjoyed Titanfall, then Destiny, and now COD AW. I wont be getting Hardline, would probably try out BF5, if Infinity Ward doesnt do much to gain back my trust with their CoD.

SpaceFox1293d ago

Is it just me, or are FPSs just getting stale? I find it so hard to get into any FPS nowadays. Destiny, Titanfall and AW didn't hook me at any point. They're fun for what they are but not much more.

BF4 wins out a bit cause of the scale I think, but compared to older installations it's really not as fun. BF2, Bad Company 1 and 2 were all miles more entertaining. I still go back and play them from time to time. I want Bad Company 3 so bad.

TheSaint1292d ago

Video games or reality, choose one and only one.

Razputin1293d ago

Call of Duty was partially realistic with 1 and 2 on PC, after 3 it became the Quake mod that it was envisioned to be. Meaning it is not realistic at all.

And Battlefield, tried to be a bit "Counter-Strikish" with recoil and such, but Battlefield 4 has sullied the game, and the fact that EA is now trying to follow Activision releasing a shooter a year and is failing.

Both great games once upon a time.

InTheZoneAC1293d ago

everything battlefield bad company 1/2, bf3 and bf4 offered is better than CoD

CoD is designed for everyone to die immediately, spawning people nearest the guy who killed you, all guns having straight line no recoil shots, and horrible P2P network system that basically controls whether or not you get the kill.

half the time you can shoot immediately when a guy comes around a corner, but on his screen he came out, zero'd you in immediately, aimed and shot before you see him run blindly around a corner?

they need dedicated servers without auto aim badly.

SpaceFox1293d ago

I just want a Battlefield game with some decent team cooperation. I wanna be forced to work as a squad to succeed. Mindless running around gets old. My best Battlefield moments were the days where I ran around with my clanmates and coordinated our positions and assaults. Fun as fuck.

In BF4 it hardly even matters though. Holding a base doesn't really feel like an advantage. I can't put my finger on why tbh.

dcj05241293d ago

Advanved Warfare is a great game but the whole time i was thinking how awesome maps like Gulf of Oman or Kharg Island would be with the exo moves.

GamerX21293d ago

online to messed up... rewards people with bad connections {
lag compensation}
BF4 is better

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