8 Ways to Tell if You Should Buy Assassin’s Creed Rogue

Unsure if you wanna take the dive into Assassin's Creed Rogue? Well, these 8 simple questions will have the answer for you.

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NerdStar71255d ago

8 ways to tell if you should NOT buy Assassin's Creed: Unity;

-weak story
-terrible framerate
-pop-in 1 metre away from the screen
-overall bad optimization
-no innovation in core mechanics
-like all of the others, will end with a "To be continued" type of ending, which lets them continue the rehash milk
-season pass

Ares84HU1255d ago

But this is about Rogue man.

Guess the same points could apply to that game too...

zero_gamer1255d ago

All the common problems of modern gaming nicely wrapped up in a convenient, 60 dollar package. Definite buy, that is if you're into getting ripped off by a major game publisher.

Lord_Sloth1255d ago

I will because I like Assassin's Creed....but I'm waiting for the PC release.

DougLord1255d ago

Do you have an 360 or PS3? Do you have nothing else to play? Is the weather shitty where you are?

1255d ago