Stop buying broken games

GotGame writes: Too many big games launched broken this year. How to stop buying broken games.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1374d ago

People buy these "annual" franchises every year and every year you see the same complaints;

Screen tearing

Lag/online connectivity

Game breaking glitches

And people still buy them.

Madden, COD, NBA Live, Assassin's Creed are all culprits and the people who buy these games every year are co-conspirators.

dasbeer881374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Then again how are we supposed to know that these guys are telling the truth? How are we supposed to know they're keeping their word when they say that their games is fully polished?

See that's one aspect which they ought to earn from the gaming community: Trust.

If game developers can't keep up to their word to their fans, what is the point of constantly buying their games? That is why I don't trust Square-Enix anymore when it comes to PC ports. I believed in Square that they were going to bring a solid FFXIII port to Steam due to various talks that it was built for PC first, but when it finally arrived it was merely half broken being 720p locked and terrible frame rate.

Because of that terrible fiasco, I'm not going to buy XIII-2, and Lightning Returns when they're ported to Steam because I'm betting for sure that they'll follow the same footsteps with XIII.

Aleithian1374d ago

Totally agree. That's why I don't buy them until they're significantly marked down, or else buy them used.

That said, there's still a great deal of achievement in some of these games. I don't think any of us can criticize Ubisoft for their representation of Paris, for instance.

Chris_GTR11373d ago

yea.. today i was about to buy assasins creed but i saw the reviews and all the negative info and ill be passing on it this year. i remember when i bought assasins creed 3 it was full of damn glitches. ill wait till they patch the game or when it drops in price

Knightshade1374d ago

I'm not unhappy with the games, it's just frustrating to see something so close to its potential fall short.

globeofgamers1374d ago

Unity is so broken... it's sad to see it, especially since it's a nice game.

SlapHappyJesus1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Easy, stop pre-ordering these damn games.
Especially if you are buying digital.

I know so many of you don't feel they matter, but wait for reviews. I know there would have been many pre-order cancellations if people just waited to hear word of games broken at launch.

And then developers/publishers need to stop their more shady embargo practices.

MasterCornholio1374d ago

What I do is wait for a Eurogamer analysis and then I buy the game.

I'm dying to pick up Dragon Age and GTAV but I won't until Eurogamer analysis the console versions.

SlapHappyJesus1374d ago

Good man.
I'm lucky in that I get the vast majority of my games sent to me.
Being that I write for a site, I hold to the embargos in place. I feel obligated to, at least in most cases.
That said, were I to have received code for Unity (Duuro doesn't bother with Ubisoft at the moment), I would have felt obligated to address the incredibly poor state of the game, if only for the extremely shady embargo in place that served to do little more than screw those who pre-ordered digital, as well as the truly hardcore fans of the series buying it right at launch.

It's pathetic when Ubisoft can make Activision and even EA seem consumer friendly.

tlougotg1374d ago (Edited 1374d ago )

Loving this article. It is the reason i said @uck skyrim and fallout on ps3 last year, it is why officially Ubisoft is banned in my house. Cod was banned in my housebroken for years until sledgehammer redeemed it. @uck devs with this parity Bs and yearly garbage in the name of making a quick buck.

Too bad common consumer won't even know or realize the broken mess their buying. Advertisement is all they see and names and reviewers lately are taking fat chks Bcus depending on game or publisher they don't even mention the technical issues smh

SlapHappyJesus1374d ago

"@uck devs with this parity Bs and yearly garbage in the name of making a quick buck."

To be fair, I think performance across all platforms (the game dipping into 20 fps range even in the first chapter on PS4) shows that the initial claim of parity (later pulled away from) may just have been a cover for them not knowing what they are doing and the game being a technical mess on every platform.
I mean, even the dominant platform of the two isn't hitting even the 30fps they claimed.

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