PS4 Exclusive Deep Down: Capcom Opens New Studio in Tokyo; Probably Working on Other Games/Platforms

Capcom has been hard at work on Deep Down after multiple delays of the beta, which is now scheduled for 2015, and the publisher opened a new studio in Tokyo exclusively dedicated to developing online games focusing on next generation platforms.

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radler1375d ago

Wow, thanks for the update Abriael! Maybe you could let us know if they have any job vacancies?! Or perhaps somebody posted something on Twitter about it? Oh my god... :o

GameDev11374d ago

You seem to have a bromance going on with abriael that he doesnt seem aware about

S2Killinit1375d ago

I feel like Capcom is due for a resurgence with Deep Down. I'm really liking the direction of the game.

telekineticmantis1374d ago

I was hoping it would come to NA this year, tyhe melee combat, is among the best ive seen in a western RPG in a long time, may 2nd place to bloodbourne.

telekineticmantis1374d ago

Yes its a wrppg. Western refers to style, & setting. Not what region or people, who made the game.

oSHINSAo1374d ago

greatness Awaits... and awaits, and awaits...

viperman2401374d ago

Didnt they say not too long ago they didn't even have the funds to make a current gen Street fighter.

But they have the money to open up a new studio?