GTA 5: I’m Suddenly Obsessed with Rain, and It’s Grand Theft Auto’s Fault

GeekParty's Julian Watkins: "Jeez.. I hate to be that guy that keeps harping about one specific game all the time, but Rockstar Games is leaving me no choice.

On the heels of GTA V’s first-person mode announcement comes this comparison video between the PS3 and PS4. It really drives home the graphical kick that this game is getting on our new consoles. I mean just look at that fucking rain!"

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TheWatercooler1287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

I'm sure GTA V's rain will be gorgeous through and through. I clicked on this looking for an in depth analysis. I got none of the sort.

Does this piece of *beep* really pass for an article?

pompombrum1287d ago

What sort of in depth analysis can you expect at this stage? Would you rather he deconstructed in meticulous detail every single second of that footage and type paragraph after paragraph of walls of text? That trailer had a far bigger impact on me than any words could have.

bigpiece1287d ago

*sigh* why must you troll so many n4g articles. Your profile picture says it all.

pompombrum1287d ago

Is there any mention of the differences between X1 and PS4? I hear both are 1080p but I can only cross my fingers and hope the X1 version looks as good as the ps4 one in the video.

PS: Whoever designed that trailer deserves a cookie

ghettosmurf1287d ago

No mentions yet. I suspect we'll have to wait for Digital Foundry to weigh in as I'm sure they've been asked about it plenty.

WeAreLegion1287d ago

Heavy Rain, Red Dead Redemption, and infamous: Second Son have me obsessed with rain, already. I can't wait to see the weather in GTA V Remastered.

ainTgoTTime2bleed1287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

Call me stupid or whatever but I'm buying this game again just to cruise around the beautiful ocean;)in 1080p, steadier framerate... Of course I'll be doing some other things but I can't get enough of the water in gtav...

TheSaint1287d ago

I'm going to tour the entire city, on foot. Can't wait.

ainTgoTTime2bleed1287d ago

Yeah, that sounds like fun also;)...can't wait.

Sketchy_Galore1287d ago

Me too but I blame teenage years spent listening to The Cure and Joy Division.

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