Polygon: You can spend $99.99 on Assassin's Creed Unity's new in-game currency

Polygon: "Assassin's Creed Unity features a new alternate in-game currency used to unlock in-game upgrades, and it can be bought for real-world money in amounts up to $99.99."

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Robochobo1106d ago

Have to make up them development costs somehow.

kingdomtriggers1105d ago

Assassins Creed is like the 3rd best selling video game franchise in the entire industry. They make a pretty penny every year off this milked franchise.

bmf73641105d ago

A majority of revenue from COD Ghoats DLC was from gun camos and voice packs like the stupid cannabis skin and snoop Dogg announcer packs. It showed that even annual release games can milk microtransactions.

FlameHawk1105d ago

What? Selling the game makes up for the development costs. Not to mention that the game is shit across all platforms which means they didn't spend a lot of money in the game in the first place.

thunderbird861105d ago

Have you actually played it on all platforms? Pissed off customers will always yell louder than the millions that are playing and enjoying it.

starchild1105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

Yep, the vocal minority of ignorant people is always louder than the majority of gamers that are spending more of their time actually enjoying the games.

I would be willing to bet that the majority of those that are bashing Unity the most haven't even played the game.

I'm loving the game so far. The gameplay is great and the game is gorgeous and runs just fine on my PC.

LOGICWINS1105d ago

^^You have a point Thunderbird86. We should all play the game before rendering judgement.

HOWEVER, given all the negative press Ubisoft has received this year:

Blatant downgrading of Watch Dogs



Pre-release announcement of DLC

Milking to the point where there are TWO major AC releases in ONE year

Unity needed to be a masterpiece! From what we are seeing in the reviews, it doesn't seem like they delivered that.

rpd1231105d ago

Have you even played the game? I don't see where all this hate is coming from. On Xbox One, I've had a steady framerate the entire time so for except for 2 times where the game froze for a bit and the framerate dropped pretty low. Is that mildly annoying when it happens? Yeah it is. But the framerate has been fine for the remaining 10 hours I've been playing so I don't see the problem. It's a massive game, expecting absolute perfection is ridiculous. It's not like Skyrim on the PS3 or anything. From what people have been saying, you'd think Ubisoft sold an unplayable game which is just not true at all.

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NewMonday1106d ago

I'll just get it on my PC and use trainers to unlock them all an even more for free

Stiffler1105d ago

I don't wanna be 'that guy' but I hate it when games do this. It just pells cash cow and it's cheap.

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Volkama1105d ago

Even Microsoft have eased off on the micro-transactions since launch, but Ubisoft must have missed the part where everyone hates seeing them.

I was tempted to try this out. Reading about transactions.. I am no longer tempted.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1105d ago

Only an idiot would spend money on crappy upgrades in a milked to death franchise.

Muzikguy1105d ago

And this is why I won't be buying this game. More importantly, why I've stopped playing AC games altogether. I understand you can just play the game and get the stuff, but this is getting ridiculous IMO

thunderbird861105d ago

Why? Some people have more time than money, and some people have more money than time. It's always seems to get the people with no money all butthurt. Some people just want to OP themseleves and play. If it's single player, who the hell cares?

mydyingparadiselost1105d ago

The idea behind micro transactions isn't that 'oh you have money but not time, so let's give you an alternative', is 'oh, if we make things harder/take longer to get in game we can get people to give us money'. It's a problem because it changes the game design around to favor people that spend more money on the game instead of them making a game that respects your time.
It's like bribing a politician instead of just going through the normal means to get something done, it's scummy and shouldn't be tolerated.

Muzikguy1105d ago

If you're insinuating I have no money you're wrong. Mydyingparadiselost is right. What's the enjoyment in the game if you're paying to win? Why bother playing at all? If you don't have enough time to play then just don't. I have almost no time to play games. When I do play them though, I get much more enjoyment out of playing it without buying my way. I stopped playing BF3 because people were paying to level while I was playing constantly trying to level the legit way. This frame of mind does make a company cater to the ones that will pay more $. Make things impossible or whatever.... It's just not right IMO

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