COD Advanced Warfare Latest Patch Tweaks Multiplayer, Optimizes Connectivity; Changelog Revealed

GearNuke: "This new patch is now live on the PS4 and other platforms."

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I was just playing and the game freeze

Mikeyy1373d ago

I'll check it out when I get home. I haven't had any issues yet with cod.

But my ps4 keeps getting stuck in standby mode. I hope the new firmware update fixes that.

venom061373d ago

actually it's NOT FIXED!!! game still lags to the point of irritation.. i'm tired of these stupid PLACEBO connection optimized responses... Give us ded. servers of GTFO..

Cream1373d ago

Yup... they are tip-toeing around the real issue. P vs P blows!

anyone notice how bad the knifing is in Multiplayer.

The93Sting1373d ago

Hey.. at least they're fixing the game ON ITS 2ND WEEK.. unlike Ghosts, which is still a broken game to our date. goes to show you who really cares (SH) and who does not (IW).

MetroidFREAK211373d ago

Buff SMG's all that needs to be done

ramiuk11372d ago

so thye can headshot at other end of map like all last cods ??

MetroidFREAK211372d ago (Edited 1372d ago )

If they cannot compete with Assault Rifles at close range (where they SHOULD EXCEL AT BUT DONT) then they need a damage buff, nothing too steep, just make it one less shot to kill. Especially, the ASM1.