Xbox's Phil Spencer Visits Rare and Playground: Rare's New Game Is "Uniquely Rare"

Microsoft’s Xbox Division head honcho was in the UK today, visiting studios working on Xbox One, and apparently he had a really great day.

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jay21408d ago

I banjo not BT Rare!

AngelicIceDiamond1408d ago

Dang Phil's quick wasn't he at Halo Fest? Now he's in the UK? The real Flash right here.

Such a teeease I wanna see it.

Please be at E3 Rare.

Abriael1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

He wasn't at Halofest. He was at Halo's launch in the UK :D

Major Nelson was at Halofest.

AngelicIceDiamond1408d ago

Ooooohhh that explains it. Thanks for the clear up.

christocolus1408d ago

It will definitly be at E3. So far it seems MS is going to have so many titles to show. Scalebound, Rares ip, Gears, Crackdown, PD, Halo5, TR, QB and im certain there will be more surprises. I also think a new battletoads will be developed by the KI guys or some other devs same with a new BK game. Rares new game will be a new unique ip.

Eldyraen1408d ago

New could be cool--I liked several of the new IPs they worked on last gen. I wouldn't say no to something more familiar but new is also great as proven by a couple cult classics from first couple years last time around.

Honestly I really want a platformer as it is still what I think of most with rare. Their old school shooters (n64) probably got played much more but their other games had more character IMO.

ShinMaster1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

"Such a teeease I wanna see it"
Is this excitement genuine?

What are the chances that this won't be another Kinect game?

The last Banjo game was a complete disappointment.
Microsoft canceled games like Kameo 2 in order to have them develop for Kinect.
Want a Conker game? "Make your own".

mcstorm1408d ago

Your talking about a different time at rare thought.

I think this new ip will be the start of Rare again as Phil has been working hard at getting the Xbox all about gaming again.

If you look at the current exclusives the Xbox one has out and what is to come you can see the changes going on in the Xbox decision.

Lets wait and see what happens but Microsoft are now doing what Sony did this time last gen and when their backs were against the wall they let the games do the talking.

For me I'm liking what Phil has changed at Xbox and its starting to become harder and harder not to own more than one console imo which is great for gaming.

shloobmm31408d ago

Disappointment to you maybe but I loved Nuts and Bolts

christocolus1408d ago (Edited 1408d ago )

Nice. Seems Phil has been really busy with the halo uk launch and visiting xbox uk studios.

Can't wait to see this rare game at E3. Hopefully it will be something unique. A mix of all their best ips.

hello121408d ago

Probably see it at E3 2015

Automatic791408d ago

Good to hear he is overseeing all projects Xbox future looks good. Can't wait to see some surprises at Video Game Awards.

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The story is too old to be commented.