The toxicity of Freemium games – is South Park right?

Matt Stone and Trey Parker do like to prove a headache for video game companies don’t they? Over the past few years this duo of enthusiast gamers have used their evergreen South Park series to poke fun, deride and lampoon many aspects of the industry. Who can forget their classic World of Warcraft episode, or indeed the equally brilliant Guitar Hero one?

Well this time they’ve directed their ire at one of the more unsavoury aspects of the modern gaming and smartphone industry, which is the current free to pay or ‘freemium’ model.

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turdburgler10801290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

Of course theyre right.

FlyingFoxy1290d ago

It was a good episode, i also hate the mobile game BS.. 3DS/Vita or go home, save for the few genuine free mobile games, if there are any?

bequietdrive1287d ago

There's nothing wrong with free games, what's wrong is having microtransactions built into the core game mechanic.

Talgrath1289d ago

Kind of, but not necessarily so, it depends on the game. Just like for purchase games, there's a lot of garbage out there in the free to play world, but if you know how to spot the bad ones you can just ignore them. The nice thing about is that since it's free, you can just walk away if you realize it's just trying to take your money.

bequietdrive1288d ago

Not all free games are garbage, agreed. There are a horrible amount of Pay to win titles infesting mobile at the moment though, and that's the problem.