How Much Did N64 Games Cost at Launch?

Retrovolve researches N64 cartridge MSRPs to remind readers how much those old games used to cost.

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Neonridr1414d ago

up here in Canada some N64 games were $99.99

I remember buying San Francisco Rush and it cost me like $115 after taxes.

32froshes1414d ago

$115? Holy crap! You were quite the dedicated gamer! I'm curious to know if you have any old receipts or ad scans for games from that era? I'd love to see them!

Neonridr1414d ago

I don't have anything personally, but I am sure someone could dig something up. Not all games cost that much mind you, but they were definitely more expensive than games now.

guitarded771414d ago

I didn't get one at launch, but a friend did with 3 games. It was $75 each game. I remember being like "holy balls that's expensive".

WalterWJR1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

I have a receipt for final fantasy x but no n64 stuff. It was £44.99 which is about the same now.

I Remember street fighter 2 and toy story costing upwards of £100 on megadrive.

freshslicepizza1414d ago

this highlights the entitlement attitude many gamers have that whine about game prices, length of games, if a game doesn't have online or doesn't have a single player campaign in an online game, and dlc.

ask yourself this, how much did it cost to make those games back then compared to now? so of course they are going to utilize things like dlc to try and get consumers to pay more. its because there is a price cap many have thats been engrained in what we think prices should stay at. just like game consoles and how hard it is to sell any over $400.

DarthZoolu1414d ago

Old receipts? Horder. They were $50 right.

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STK0261414d ago

Yeah, I think my parents had to pay about as much for Perfect Dark. No wonder I only had 5-6 games for my N64 and spent so much time at my local rental store...

dasbeer881414d ago

Likewise I had about four games: Legend of Zelda OOT, Star Wars, Super Mario 64, Bomberman 64.
It had never crossed my mind that these games were like $40-$60 back during that time period.

NukaCola1414d ago

I couldn't get an N64 at launch because of those prices. I got a PS1 instead. But I did get one. I can't believe cartridges were so pricey. I have a copy of MK on Genesis and there is still a price sticker for $89.99!!!!

32froshes1414d ago

Could I get a scan of that cover with the sticker on it? I'd love to explore the game price thing more deeply and do a follow-up piece. I think it's an important piece of gaming history that's often mis-remembered. I find it fascinating to think about how much we were paying for these things back in the 90s.

TheWatercooler1414d ago

I remember when I got my N64 with super mario 64 which was £60 and Turok for £70. My parents bought them back then. I can't believe the prices they cost.

My concept of money wasn't that great back then i'm really surprised they bought them for me now

Vegamyster1414d ago

I think Pokemon Stadium was $120 before tax lol.

mep691414d ago

I believe Pokémon Stadium was £59.99 in the uk when I came out. Got it for my birthday, was soo happy :P

Ratty1414d ago

Doom 64 was like 139.99$ at Walmart Canada back then. That was the most ridiculously priced game they had. My friend also got Ocarina of Time for a little more than 99$. All in 1990s money.

RosweeSon1414d ago

An I thought £59.99 for Goldeneye was expensive ;)

Kribwalker1414d ago

The original turok was $119 at Walmart in Canada. I bought it a year later for $20

hduce1414d ago

If you guys thought N64 games were expensive at launch, try being a Neo Geo fan. I remember paying $150 or more for the "true" arcade experience. The most expensive game I bought for the N64 was Killer Instinct Gold for $79.99.

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SpiralTear1414d ago

A lot more than kids these days think.

madmonkey011414d ago

tomb raider for ps1 cost me £44.99 t launch,

last of us ps3 cost me £38 at launch,

considering inflation that is a big reduction.

FromTheAshes1414d ago

They were not cheap. I paid 69.99USD for Mario 64 when it released in 1996. Nintendo was stubborn about the use of CD-Roms but I think the N64 still had a quality selection of games despite the cartridge prices.

Omegabalmung1414d ago

Yup that is why I only had like 3-4 games total for the N64 :(

FromTheAshes1414d ago

Lol exactly I started out with only two games. Mario 64 and Pilot Wings 64. Good thing Pilot Wings had good replay value compared to SM64.

RosweeSon1414d ago

I couldn't even afford a game at all when I first got it haha, had to settle with borrowing my mates mario 64, could have been worse I suppose ;)

InTheZoneAC1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

it's funny how people forget how expensive games were even before the ridiculous N64 prices, and games then took much less time to develop.

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