Halo TMCC: 343 Industries "Working Around the Clock" To Solve Issues; Server Update Launched

Multiplaer woes at the launch of a big game are nothing new, and Halo: The Master Chief Collection isn’t immune from them, with users having problems with the game’s matchmaking.

Luckily 343 industries is aware,a and working hard to fix the problem.

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XboxOneX1105d ago

I love Halo and I know that Microsoft will work with 343 studios to fix this very small issue at launch. I am sure it will be fixed within the next hour. #TheMasterIsBack

nicksetzer11105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

What I love is halo has matchmaking (custom games and coop are fine) issues for less than 12 hours and it is suddenly equal to driveclub which was fully down for 2 week and still has major issues to this date .... makes sense.

Pretty much every BIG game has aches for the first 24 hours, like tlou remastered, titanfall, cod, etc.

KarmaV121105d ago

Stop posting this is every article. It is nowhere near as bad

Septic1105d ago

When the game is unplayable for about 2 weeks then we can start making comparisons to DriveClub

LAWSON721105d ago

Driveclub had issues that long?

Anyways I expect no issues with in 24 hrs of launch. If I remember the same problem happened when 4 came out

vega2751105d ago

@ septic

Try a month. Driveclub still isnt fixed let alone have they released the ps+ version

ainTgoTTime2bleed1105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

DAH CLOUDSZZ will take care of everything....

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AngelicIceDiamond1105d ago

I imagine having all those servers running Halo 1-4 is a tricky feat.

tigertron1105d ago

Should have been more prepared.

EvilWay1105d ago

Like DriveClub right?

343i has to have servers for all 4 games up at one time, which is a hard task

u got owned1105d ago (Edited 1105d ago )

Yeah till this day DC still having server problems. I bet Halo server problems will be solved really soon instead of two months later.

Ra30301105d ago

I'm not sure what the MCC has to do with DriveClub but I paid $350 for the X1 then $50 for The MCC game and I'd like it to, now!!!! The MCC is the only reason I got the X1 and so far my opinion is not very high in fact if the Xbox One can't run its signature game better than then it was a waste of money IMO. With that said I may get Forza Horizon 2 if it runs better than The MCC which is to say it runs at all. And BTW I have DriveClub and it has no issues for me I wish The MCC could work as well.

its_JEFF1104d ago (Edited 1104d ago )

@EvilWay why did you think it was alright to come out and bring up DriveClub? What was it about @tigertron 's comment that made you think he was A. A Sony Fanboy B. Saying that this situation was as bad as DriveClub?

All he said was "Should have been more prepared" is it not permitted for him to state his opinion? Why the Hell are you guys so wound up? geez you guys attack for no reason. Calm down, he never said that the Halo situation was as bad as the DriveClub situation.

Xavior_Reigns1105d ago

So no thousands of negative articles reaching for clicks? Ah well at least you got four great campaigns to play through.

GodGinrai1105d ago

"So no thousands of negative articles reaching for clicks?"

you just answered your own question:

"Ah well at least you got four great campaigns to play through."

This'll be sorted out soon enough. In a day or two things will be back to normal, and all the people carrying on with the melodramatics here ( funny how none of them are X1 owners, eh?) will be eating roast crow.

Xavior_Reigns1105d ago

Yeah no doubt it'll soon be fixed, no way MS would let this issue linger too long. Lots of people looking forward to this excellent collection, including me but I'll wait for Halo 5. That multiplayer reveal looked pretty awesome.

gangsta_red1105d ago

I'm sure we'll get a few today, but I'm also sure this will be fixed very soon.

Come back if this game goes three weeks and still has multiplayer and online issues, for FOUR games on one disc.

lemoncake1105d ago

Nah you start reaching thousands of negative articles if you still cannot fix the server problems a month after launch and have to drop stuff because you don't have enough servers to cover it. Launch day blues is usual for such a massive launch that is this online intensive.

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The story is too old to be commented.