5 Impressions of the First Few Hours of Assassin’s Creed Unity

Ubisoft, in their efforts build up the hype for Assassin’s Creed Unity, allowed some streamers on Twitch to play through some of the game. The question is, however, does Unity live up to that hype, or is it all just a flash in the pan? Here are a few takeaways from the first several hours.

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angelsx1414d ago

Yeah first one freamreate

kcuthbertson1414d ago

I'm only about 3 hours in but I'm pretty disappointed so far... Framerate really is terrible (playing on PS4), Combat feels incredibly slow thanks to the animations that look like you're swinging your sword underwater (they're literally that slow). Idk so far the story seems pretty blah but I won't really pass judgement until I get farther in.

The uPlay crap is ruining the game though...seriously. Chest's that I can't open unless I download an app on my phone...are you kidding me Ubi? This literally might be the last game I get from them. They just can't get PS4 and Xbox One right apparently. If The Division doesn't deliver I really do think I'm done with them.

nucky641414d ago

underwater sword swinging doesn't sound good at all. and, the uPlay stuff is crazy bad.
thanks for the info -have a bubble!

Pintheshadows1414d ago

I actually like the story.

The performance though is bad. Really bad. Worst I have experienced on PS4 so far. Syncing just chugs painfully and it seems really odd as to when it will slow down. And I thought it may just be PS4. However the PC version runs badly as well.

What the hell Ubisoft. This is far worse than the Watchdogs downgrade. The game is broken. Sure, it isn't unplayable but it isn't acceptable either.

u4one1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Who the hell wrote this? First off about the frame rate.... It can't even run smoothly at 30 fps let alone 60 fps and its already at 900p.

Then this:
"Even worse, although the game should be locked at 30fps, some of the more complex scenes – such as those with huge battle sequences featuring massive explosions and particle effects, or giant mobs in the streets setting fire to buildings and marching for the heads of the royalty, can make the game chug and drop frames."

Simply "locking" to 30 fps doesn't stop this. If the gpu/cpu/apu is getting overwhelmed, its still going to drop frames. I mean if the fix was that easy then why aren't most games at 60 fps?? "Hey so I can't get the framerate to really smooth out" "oh here, just lock it to 60 fps and MIC DROP". Give me a break.

Pintheshadows1414d ago

'Simply "locking" to 30 fps doesn't stop this'

Yes, yes it does. When it is implemented and tested correctly it does exactly that. That is what LOCKING fps does.

Your mic dropped on the floor, bounced, and hit you square in the face.

1414d ago