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Adriaan den Ouden writes "While it isn't a monumental triumph like the last couple of main-series Tales games we've received, Tales of Hearts R is still an enjoyable, if somewhat unimpressive, entry to the Tales franchise, one that's more than welcome in the wake of the incredibly disappointing Tales of Xillia 2."

"It's much shorter than a typical Tales game, rounding out at around thirty hours, which actually works in its favor, as its fast but simplified gameplay isn't strong enough to support it for much longer than that."

"While it could have been improved in a number of ways, Tales of Hearts R is a satisfying Tales experience that ought to satiate fans until the next big game."

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vork771255d ago

random encounters is part of the RPG world man

Xof1255d ago

10 years ago, you would have had half a point. Now, random encounters are pure anachronism.