8 Concerning Things I Experienced in Assassin's Creed Unity

Really disturbing things in AC : Unity

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MeteorPanda1345d ago

okay. why are people surprised? This game was being made along side another in one year. That set off no warning bells for so many people it seems. There's quality and quantity. pick one. Ubisoft saw people loving the world of AC and have decided to milk it for all it's worth...

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1345d ago

I shared the same opinion for awhile now which is why I avoided the game. It's a shame because so many people will buy this game, pay for it's micro-transactions and be apologists over the plethora of technical issues. So these practices will continue until the market crashes(god I want this to happen now)

Maxor1345d ago

Too many people zero into the technical issues when it's the micro trans that is the real slap in the face. There shouldn't be micro trans option in my weapon upgrades screen. That crap should go into a DLC or something.

starchild1345d ago

Yeah, I agree about that. I don't like not being able to open a chest until I sign up for Assassin's Creed Initiates, or things like that. It's not a huge deal to me, but I would rather things like this not be in my games.

starchild1345d ago

Why haven't I experienced this "plethora of technical issues"? I honestly haven't. I'm fairly well into the game and I've only seen the occasional NPC glitch or things like that...the kinds of things I see in almost every game. It is nowhere near as bad as some of you make it seem. The game also looks incredible and runs at a steady 30fps for me. Most importantly, I'm enjoying the gameplay and narrative tremendously.

Am I supposed to hate the game because it has optional micro-transactions?

MasterCornholio1345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

I've seen ton of videos with these problems so they do exist.

Why are you defending the problems with this game so much?

Are you an Ubisoft fan?

Im not trying to offend you or anything but you do seem to ignore the issues that others are having with this game.

SinisterKieran1345d ago

I have to agree, i've been going from livestream to livestream on the ps4 and the most i've seen is NPC pop in and some bad AI.
thing is, most people who find all those bad glitches go looking for bad glitches. thats how they get recorded and put on youtube, because they know its going to happen.

starchild1345d ago

I'm "defending" this game so much because I think a lot of the stuff being said about it is pure bunk.

I knew that some people were going to do their best to hate on this game once it came out, and that's exactly what I'm seeing. Not honest, reasonable criticisms, but outright exaggeration and lies.

Ok, yes, there are occasional minor glitches, but it isn't much different than I've experienced in other complex open world games. I find it hard to believe that I have a magical copy that is somehow better than all the others out there. I think it is more likely that the hate campaign against this game that has been active since the game was announced is responsible for exaggerating issues and making them out to be more than they are.

I'm not ignoring the issues that I believe are legitimate. For example, I think the framerate in the console versions is too low and I think Ubisoft should have done a better job there. Lowered settings or whatever it took to get it running at a more stable framerate. I also think the "controlled descent" mechanic needs some work. It generally works well, but occasionally it will result in your character sliding horizontally through the air in an unnatural way while dropping.

I simply haven't experienced any significant issues that I would consider anything close to game-breaking. The game also runs at a stable 30fps for me on my PC. I honestly don't have much reason to complain based on the experiences I have had with the game.

The fact that the console versions received quite a few 8s and 9s indicates to me that the issues with those versions are likely being exaggerated as well, since plenty of people seemed to enjoy their experience with those versions quite a lot.

Some people are calling the PC version a "horrible port", but that doesn't fit my experience at all. As I've said, the game looks fantastic and runs quite well on my PC. It's truly crazy how Unity is being singled out and attacked. Shadow of Mordor doesn't run dramatically better than Unity, but it sure doesn't look nearly as good as Unity either. Unity to me feels better optimized than Shadow of Mordor (love that game, though) in that it offers a better trade off of visuals to performance.

Another example of this biased treatment of Unity is the fact that Dragon Age Inquisition is said to be even more demanding than Unity, but I've seen Dragon Age Inquisition at PAX Prime and it doesn't look as good as Unity. According to reports on neogaf, Dragon age inquisition gets 45fps average with a 780ti, while better performance numbers for Unity on similar cards are being reported. Yet where is the outcry over Dragon Age Inquisition's performance?

The reality is, as we move away from the cross-gen games and more fully new gen games get released we are going to see lots of similarly demanding games. The Witcher 3, Batman Arkham Knight and The Division, for example, will probably place similar demands on our hardware. It's unfair that Unity gets singled out and attacked for simply being one of the first truly new gen open world games, and for having extra graphical features on PC that make it even more demanding.

reaper241345d ago

This console generation has been horrible disappointment until now. Terrible microtransactions, broken games at release, Server outages, low framerates and resolutions. The gaming industry needs to take a good look a itself.

Maxor1345d ago

The gaming industry is doing fine. It's the console industry that needs to look in the mirror. It'll be 2015 soon. And we're still not gaming in 1080p 60 FPS. Why?? I dunno about you but when I preordered my PS4 I thought 1080p would be a baseline instead of feature.

R6ex1345d ago

That's why coming from being a PS3 & Xbox 360 gamer to being a PC gamer, I ain't going back to PS4 & Xbox One. I hate the low framerates and low resolutions!

cemelc1345d ago (Edited 1345d ago )

So PC gaming is inmune to server outages, microtransactions and poor ports? Good to know...

Specially a pc gamer talking in a ubisoft game forum, the irony.

Viryu1345d ago

I wish I had such problems. Here's my short list:

- R1 and R2 suddenly decided to switch after the initial prologue, making freerunning with R2 a complete nuisance throughout THE WHOLE GAME!
- entering uPlay through the menu turns my PS4 into a loud jet engine (imagine a washing machine)
- it feels as if the game was running at 20fps, there are some places where it can completely bug out and get to 1-2fps
- camera is very wonky, in early levels tried to fight 3 guys in one of those small backyards (actually, many different ones), and camera was usually obstructed by walls and such, so I didn't see other enemies about to kill me
- companion up is bugged, crashes while synching with PS4, can't quit it either, have to turn off the phone completely
- Initiates... yeah, doesn't work
- Chests, sigh, as described in the article, they are a bait to make you use the NOT working app and the NOT working initiates site making you buy more games to earn levels

MasterCornholio1345d ago

Its just the animus glitching. Its all part of the gameplay.


Jokes aside I've seen this glitch many times on YouTube. I find it pathetic that the game has so many issues at launch.

imt5581345d ago

This one is better. Reviewer didn't say "sucks" till the end because this often bug in game :

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