Tales of Hearts R Review | RegionPlayStation

It is always something special live franchise history and Namco Bandai Tales of Hearts R sentiment was the same.

It will become one of the chapters in more soul of the series.

It offers different but compatible playable characters and a perfect base for PS Vita functionality.

The graphics always offers more doubts meets Tales of note, at a much higher level than s original version.

Tales of Hearts R becomes near Freedom Wars as said in its analysis on the perfect strength for Sony to face these last months of 2014.

artners are more than 100 hours of quality game.

This title chooses to be one of the most prominent games gender gender with other PS Vita, but there comes a passed later by having subtitles in Castilian.

As a final point, note that one of the confirmed titles for PlayStation TV, the device comes to the market that day Tales of Hearts R, Friday November 14 exclusively for PlayStation Vita.

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