Assassin’s Creed Unity Review – Immensely Fun Despite the St-St-Stuttering Framerates | COG

Assassin’s Creed makes its first fully next gen debut and it shines despite having some graphical hiccups along the way. With the addition of co-op gameplay it adds just enough new to the old formula to keep it fresh and exciting.

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markyboy21811410d ago

ive downloades this through psn do i have to wait for the whole thing to download b4 i can get past a certain point cuz when i go to story mission it says wait for install b4 doing this mission and im only in that village u start off in does any1 no????

MRMagoo1231410d ago

I dont get any site giving this game anything higher than a 7, its full of bugs bad fps and pop in, why cant site be honest anymore.