FINAL FANTASY XIII PC to have 1080p and more graphics options

The FINAL FANTASY XIII team have been working hard to improve your experience on Steam and we're happy to announce the following changes will be rolled out at the beginning of December.

■ All versions
Custom resolutions (720p, 1080p...) and graphic options will be added.

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RmanX10001410d ago

Well thats cool... Its not like Square to go back on something and "fix it." I say "fix" in the sense it wasnt necessarily broken but wasnt as good of a product as it could be.

bouzebbal1409d ago

this game still sucks, even at 9000p

Maxor1410d ago

Signs of a bad port: When they consider 1080p to be an "option" or a feature.

starchild1410d ago

Exactly. I'm tired of the developers that act like 1080p or 60fps is some kind of special graphical feature they are giving us PC gamers. Those things are basically inherent to the platform.

This is also why I find it sad that developers like Ubisoft that actually bother to create more advanced PC versions of their games with exclusive graphical features get nothing but grief from those who expect to max out every game and run them at 60fps. Those enhanced PC versions are generally demanding for a reason, but some people can't grasp that concept and immediately call them "unoptimized".

This is going to cause a de-evolution of PC games in which we get developers excitedly telling us that we will be able to play their straight console port at 60fps. Yippee. But, hey, at least we can play it at 60fps on a mid-range PC.

Volkama1409d ago

That's better than when 1080p isn't an option or feature at all, as per the current release.

Will be interesting to see what "graphics options" they do add in for December. Well I say interesting very loosely, it isn't actually that interesting. Interestingly interesting is a very overused word.

contradictory1410d ago

I'm really glad it came to steam. Maybe someone will mod a better battlesystem into it?

....a man can dream, can he not?!

Ultra1410d ago

Perhaps games for console versions should also have options for 1080p and 720p modes so gamers who opted for higher FPS over sharper visual would still be able to enjoy it.

Jdoki1410d ago

Big deal. A bad game is a bad game regardless of the graphics quality.

Would advise PC gamers to avoid unless they like RPG's where you may as well be running down a single long corridor for hours on end. Love vapid empty heartless stories. Get off on ridiculous uninteresting and often annoying characters. And also enjoy getting their spirit crushed when suddenly the game moves from a long corridor of encounters to an actual open world that shows promise but is a tiny part of the game.

The only slightly redeeming feature was parts of the battle system, but the Summons were terrible.

Volkama1409d ago

I don't know of any game character more annoying than whats-her-face. Like.... how can you talk like that? Nobody talks like that. If you are that annoying you get killed.

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