Otaku Dome: Assassin's Creed: Unity Review

Otaku Dome:

The newest of two installments in the Assassin’s Creed franchise is Unity which is next-gen exclusive, Revamped free run mechanics, and new combat makes great use of the Playstation 4 & Xbox One’s power. However, there are some issues with Unity, that many will feel is an large annoyance.

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claudionmc1413d ago

Good score tbh, specially complaining about the FPS drops

starchild1413d ago

I've only player a couple hours, but it's awesome so far. It also ruins very well on my PC, so much better than I was expecting.

martinezjesus19931413d ago

Im really enjoying it so far, its nice to be back in a urban setting, i havent noticed major drops but there is ALOT of pop-ins. I mean ALOT! Playing it on PS4, around 4 hours in.

Meltic1413d ago

Playing on PC. Very bad port. The pop ups is so freaking bad in this game. Everywhere i go. Pop ups. And my rig is very good. Im playing Everything on ultra with 60 fps. ?

ramiuk11413d ago

it seems its bad on all formats.
someone was saying earlier there system can run it 4k but its stillpop ups and other issues

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OUROSMAG1413d ago

So far this is my favorite, frame rate issues aside, the game looks gorgeous and it doesn't detract from the overall gameplay. 88 isn't bad but so far in my opinion its a 90 at least.

Gatsu1413d ago

How much should "game breaking glitches" effect a review score?

Geekman1412d ago

I seem to recall reading a comment from you earlier stating you haven't bought the game. How would you know it's game breaking exactly?

Gatsu1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

You're right I haven't played it :), so I have no idea. Was just wondering about it that's all, but from review:

"THE BAD: Some of the main missions can be quite repetitive such as simple search, find, and kill missions. The side quests would often spark more creativity in comparison. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to do co-op due to the servers being down pre-release. Game breaking glitches were also present, but occurred in lowered numbers."

Still the games usually work differently for players, better for some while others got a bugfest.