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Dragon Age: Inquisition’s predecessors – Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age II – represent two separate visions of the franchise. The first is a sprawling tribute to old-school PC RPGs, while the second is a compact and action-oriented experience tailored to consoles. Though fans may wonder which of those entries Inquisition most resembles, the answer is ultimately irrelevant; Inquisition can’t be reduced to a simple meeting point between two extremes. Instead of trying to reconcile every difference, BioWare strides into new territory for an expansive and unforgettable journey.

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mabreu1376d ago (Edited 1376d ago )

This is great news! 89 score on Metacritic! Finally have a reason to buy a PS4! Crossing my fingers for Far Cry 4.

HeyDuhh1376d ago

You spelled "Finally have a reason to upgrade my PC* wrong :)

InTheZoneAC1376d ago

finally a reason to buy a ps4?

are you serious?

TacoTaru1376d ago

I bought a PS4 day one but this will be the first game I buy for it. Now if only someone releases Dragon's Dogma 2 I'd be set to fill the long winter nights.

3-4-51376d ago

Haven't played the first two, is it needed to understand the story and lore, or would I be fine just jumping into this game ?

* I've heard pretty much nothing but good things about this game.

I'm not really into Dragons to be honest, but I'm willing to look past that because the game as a whole looks beautiful and like a lot of fun.

* If it's worth playing the the first two games (there is two right?), I could probably get them both cheap via STEAM Sale.

TRD4L1fe1376d ago

damn, next week can't come fast enough

St0rm_Cr0w1376d ago

Geez, these reviews! This is better than I could ever have hoped for O.o

Tex1171376d ago

Most anticipated game all year...Looks like there will be a pay off!

Plagasx1376d ago

Alright alright alright.... the 18th is going to be a Glorious day. Far Cry 4 AND DAI..

InTheZoneAC1376d ago

I was looking forward to GTA V and LBP 3 more...far cry 4 will be great as well

Plagasx1376d ago

I would have said GTA as well but I'm waiting for the PC version which is in January..

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The story is too old to be commented.