Assassin's Creed Unity first impressions by Xploregaming

The first impressions of Assassin's Creed Unity show more failures than successes, but its early days for a game with this amount to do.

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MarcGorgees1412d ago

if I have a gaming website I would give to all ubisoft games A zero/100 that's for sure they earned it with pride

tlougotg1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

Alot of these sites are worried bout their early copies or money under the table, they give a game like this 9's but dont mention or take into account the dropped frames to 20fps or any other technical %uck up on Ubis part. %uck Ubisoft they are officially banned from my house and any game with the Ubisoft trademark on it gets no love.

3-4-51411d ago

My Honest Opinion after 8 hours of gameplay.

* For an Assassins Creed game, it's a step above most of the others.

* It doesn't really feel all that different from AC2 though.....which was made years ago.

* It IS much better than AC3 though....

* It does add many things that helpt he experience be less frustrating more than anything.

There used to always be parts here and there that would frustrate you, and then it would be ok for a few hours and then a frustrating part.

They added things to lessen the amount of frustration in missions so far.

* There is slightly more options available when doing missions, so you can approach differently but they don't add a whole lot.

* The City really actually finally does feel like a real place though. They really nailed that part.

- Many times while playing random things would happen with the towns people and it would be = to random things happening in any cities.

I saw some thugs go and beat a guard who then had hiw buddies run over and I just stopped and watched them fight and beat eachother up for like 2 minutes.

It came out of nowhere, and didn't really "do" anything for the game, but it added some atmosphere to the game.

Different groups of people kind of actually do feel like different groups of people in this game.

* I think the succeeded in the small things, but not in any big things.

So looking at it quickly, it seems "more of the same", but the more you play it, the more you realize all the improvements that are there.

* If you never had the urge to play these games, I'm not sure there will give you that urge.

* If you are a fan of AC games and played the rest, I would recommend getting this game.

* It seems like there is MORE story to this game than the past ones.

I really wish there was multiplayer though like there used to be.

As soon as I'm done with the story I'm trading it in towards Smash Brothers U.