Assassin's Creed Unity Review: Paris Burning | Polygon

Assassin's Creed Unity has the weight of a console transition laying heavily upon it.

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nX1287d ago

Pretty harsh words:

"It's not just that these problems exist. It's that every Assassin's Creed game has had them for so long that I can't remember not dealing with them. And while each Assassin's Creed has moved farther away from the core of the series, ... Unity's re-narrowed focus on a single city and vertical traversal makes these navigation problems even less acceptable. Unity relies the most on its basic mechanics than any game in the series since 2009, and it buckles under the pressure.

Assassin's Creed Unity buckles in other ways, making for the least stable, worst-performing major release I've played this year."

Confirms what I've said a few times already, Ubisoft didn't make a next gen AC... they just upped the resolution, the NPC count and the lightning while dropping the multiplayer mode, the performance and the originality. All of this while bashing Shadow Of Mordor and coming up with lame excuses for console parity.
From my point of view, Ubisoft has become a terrible developer during the last 12 months, it's hard to believe how 10 studios (approx. 1000 people) were working on this game for over 3 years.

Mikelarry1287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

I normally dont agree with polygon on anything, I even feel dirty with what I am about to say but they seem to be the only one taking a critical look at what is expected for a AAA release.gamers please think for a second we are paying $60 for this game and some sites even with these technical issues are giving this game a 10

Kevlar0091287d ago

Have you seen Kotaku's review? It got a "NO" out of 10. The IGN review seemed pretty good as well (7.8)

Army_of_Darkness1287d ago

From the review scores I'm seeing so is that the more popular or well know sites are giving this game a bad score while the less known sites are giving it good to mediocre score...
Guess it's a flop like their parity attempt.

nX1287d ago

Yep I wouldn't recommend buying AC this year. With that money, you would support
franchise annualization
lazy game design
bad technical performance
bad business practises
lame excuses for parity (where was parity last gen?)

I'm so glad Dragon Age turned out amazing so my money goes to EA - give credit where credit is due.

-Foxtrot1287d ago

I'm glad they are they are being honest and other sites like IGN, Eurogamer etc but I guess Ubisoft didn't give them anything worth "changing their views" on the game...get what I mean.

Blastoise1287d ago

"Have you seen Kotaku's review? It got a "NO" out of 10. The IGN review seemed pretty good as well (7.8)"

Games with technical issues and bugs don't deserve 7.8. I hate this kind of thinking that 7.8 is a really critical and harsh score, it's not.

Yetter1287d ago

I think if you put your biases aside and give Polygon a chance you'd find most of their reviews are critical and insightful.

vishmarx1287d ago

its funny even ign made ac u review 3 times as long as dragon age and still failed to mention performance issues(all the while running ac u ads in the background)

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Aleithian1287d ago

Finally, an objective review. Thanks for highlighting that snippet.

As I said on another thread, watching livestreams of this games has showed me that it really hasn't advanced much beyond previous iterations of the series. Combat in particular still looks stunted at the early-PS3 era.

I'm confused by the notion of "re-narrowed focus" on a single city, as if that was originally part of the series. That level of focus first appeared with Brotherhood - it's not part of the original style of the series...

Blastoise1287d ago

I've been watching a few streams myself on Playstation Live & whilst the graphics really are impressive along with the detail of the world, it's pretty buggy & in terms of personality in general it seems a big step back from Black Flag

Enmson1287d ago

The game was not ready, and developers relying on day one patches should stop!

Ubisoft is becoming worse with every new game.

I am now worried about Far Cry 4 & The Division :(

GarrusVakarian1287d ago (Edited 1287d ago )

Hahaha, man, when will Ubisoft learn?

You can't keep polishing the same turd every year and not expect to get called out on it eventually.

AC is a tired, over-milked mess of a franchise now. Ubisoft need to seriously break it down and start again from the ground up (which is what they said they did do for AC:U, but clearly that was BS), or they need to call it a day and let the franchise die (lol, yeah right).

I'm glad AC:U is scoring pretty low, hopefully this will give Ubi the wake up call that they so desperately need. Hire some better writers for your story, fix your buggy parkour system (that has been frustrating to use since the FIRST game), and try actually polishing your games before release, instead of releasing them with tons of bugs and framerate drops into the 20's when nothing is even happening.

And they expect us to believe this game was made by 1000 devs over the course of 3 years. HA!

breakpad1287d ago

unexpected honest review from Polygon ...impressive indeed..thats my score and a bit lower

Yetter1287d ago

whys is it unexpected? Polygon is legit, some of the best editorial staff in the industry

LightDiego1287d ago

@Bloodborn: Exactly, that's why i prefer to support games like Shadow of Mordor, i'm really tired of AC, it's already saturated.
Like Shadow of Mordor, i want to play now LittleBigPlanet 3, Dragon Age, Bayonetta 2 and Super Smash Bros.

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sungam3d1287d ago

Let the well deserved hate commence!

markyboy21811287d ago

ive downloades this through psn do i have to wait for the whole thing to download b4 i can get past a certain point cuz when i go to story mission it says wait for install b4 doing this mission and im only in that village u start off in does any1 no????

GarrusVakarian1287d ago

"ive downloades this through psn"

My condolences.

SpinalRemains1381287d ago

Read the rest and then weep.

Plagasx1287d ago

Well...looks like all that's left for me is Far Cry 4.. Hopefully that lives up to expectations..

affrogamer1287d ago

I cancelled my best buy pre-order with in-store pick up like a boss!

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