Best Buy 11-16/11-22 Video Game Ad With 50% Bonus Trade-In All Games, GCU Promo Continues

Techtorial: Gamers Club Unlocked membership promo continues for Best Buy's video game deals for the third week of November including 50% trade-in bonus for all games.

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KionicWarlord2221372d ago

"Join GCU Membership at $30 (after purchasing any game worth $39 or above)"

My gosh that is a good deal.

xwilldemise1372d ago

What is the price normally at when it comes to the Gamers Club at Best Buy? I'll be honest, I know nothing of it.

arkard1372d ago

It normally cost 120$ for 2 years. At 30$ it's a steal. Buy 3 full price games in a year and you have already saved more money than you spent on the membership. If your like me you buy way more than 3 games a year so the savings really pile up.