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Sometimes when we’ve got a good thing going we tend to want to make it better and bigger. In simply piling more content on, the game can lose track of what once made it great. Assassin’s Creed has seen a departure from some of the core aspects of the series with a bigger focus on hunting, running through forests, and commanding a crew of surly pirates. Last year, although I loved the game overall, I had to admit that the assassin aspects of the Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag had become dull and boring compared to the grandiose additions of piracy on the high seas. Ubisoft decided to take a different approach with Assassin’s Creed Unity, and so marks a true return to form for the series.

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ftwrthtx1375d ago

Great score for a great game.

lelo2play1375d ago

BS review.

A game with so many technical issues does not deserve a perfect score.

NatureOfLogic_1375d ago

The game does not deserve a perfect score. Reviews have become a joke.

Mikelarry1375d ago (Edited 1375d ago )

couldn't have said it better. how can they give a game with game breaking technical issues a 10/10, the game is not perfect and the review should show this, if you are going to review a game and not be as objective and mention its issues then don't do a review. I actually expected better from playstationlifestyle

starrman19851375d ago

an article for clicks I think! I've seen a couple of 7/10's and now a 10/10!

TheOpenWorlder1375d ago

Reviews from PLAYSTATION LIFESTYLE have ALWAYS been a joke.

1375d ago
starchild1375d ago

Why? Because they disagree with your preconceived notions of the game? Some of you wanted to hate this game since the day it was announced. Does the game have a few issues? Yes. Are they game-breaking? No. They are being exaggerated and distorted just as we often see in gaming when a subset of gamers decides to jump on a hate bandwagon against a game.

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acharlez1375d ago

Wow. High score. I guess I gotta pick this up!

thornh1375d ago

Eurogamer just gave it a 70/100

Aleithian1375d ago

Ouch! Fitting from what I've heard.

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The story is too old to be commented.