Assassin's Creed Unity Review: Vive la Révolution [PSU]

"With a new focus on PS4, Ubisoft is faced with an opportunity to make a title that’s better than any other Assassin’s Creed before it. It’s not without its risks, but Ubisoft and Unity look to have the end product in the bag."

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Mikelarry1412d ago

9 out of 10 even with all the issues... come on now

TimNunes1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

Give it a shot before buying it.

NatureOfLogic_1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

So don't believe this review? I believe myself and the game is broken.

Mikelarry1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

@ ArgumentumAdPopulum

I was just about to type that, but Tim there is proof of said issues so its kind of hard to ignore

looks like if Arno fails as an assassin he will do well in ballerina

Seraphemz1412d ago

a 9 of 10 means that the game is nearly perfect..... This game isn't even close to that. I have seen so many bugs on the game..its not even funny

Mr Pumblechook1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

TimNunes. Of course you review a game based on your own experience but a couple of points I'd like to make: It seems that, unlike other reviewers of the game, you were quite fortunate in not experiencing technical issues. Were you playing a patched copy of the game?

Also, I'm disappointed that you as a reviewer for a major PlayStation website PSU you seemed to completely ignore the 900p parity issue. Do you feel gamers are silly to care about 180p? This is important and you said nothing and I don't feel you properly understand the PlayStation community and PSU has lost a little bit of trust from me because of this.

TimNunes1412d ago

As mentioned in the review, the 900 MB update was something I had available from the beginning, and as it seems, my experience was unlike a lot of those mentioned across the web this morning, which is unfortunate to both the players and the company.

ShadowKingpin1412d ago

Take every review with a huge grain of salt. They are only personal opinions and nothing more.

starchild1412d ago


Yes, we should believe a massive sony fanboy that has been hating on this game for months...long before he even played the game.

No thanks, I'm playing the game myself on PC and, yes, it has more LOD pop-in than I was expecting and there is a little bit more wonkyness to the game than previous entries, but none of it is close to game-breaking. It seems like a good game so far and I have no trouble believing these reviewers that have given it 9s are being sincere.

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TheOpenWorlder1412d ago

These playstation fanboy sites even gave Watch Dogs a 9/10


Volkama1412d ago

All the marketing for this one is Microsoft though, right? Or are you just saying that Playstation sites only have one rating they use for all games?

TheOpenWorlder1412d ago (Edited 1412d ago )

its not so much about microsoft vs playstation as much as it is them kissing Ubisoft's ass to make sure they keep getting their free games all the while screwing over real consumers stupid enough to believe them

123pol1412d ago

Bugs shouldn't impact the review score, the bugs should be a side note.
Bugs will get fixed.

Seraphemz1412d ago

Of course they should impact the score...who's to say that they get fixed? If and when they get fixed maybe it should be looked at again, but for now, you need to review the game with the bugs and horrible AI...

123pol1412d ago

I haven't played a game yet that had bugs that wasn't fixed soon after launch.
The problem is that the reviewers doesn't do back and look at it again, they set their score and then move on.

So if the game gets a 7 instead of a 9 because it has bugs the game should get a 9 / 10 score with a warning that the score is set with disregards for the bugs.
So count out the bug and set a score or review it later.

Aleithian1412d ago

Totally disagree. First, there's no guarantee bugs will be fixed. Second, reviews are of the game as released. Why? Because they can't be of anything else (see point 1). Third, reviews are used *as a guide to buying*. In that capacity, I as buyer want to know what the bugs are. Severely bugged games need to reflect that fact in the review score.

Example: Reviews of BF4 shouldn't have been 9 or 10. They should have been 5 or 6. Why? Because they game was unplayable on release. So a good reviewer would have noted the great features of the game, but given a 5 or 6 as a guide to buying at that stage, remarking that if the bugs are fixed the review would jump to 8 or 9.

Volkama1412d ago

Patches can change anything. Bugs, performance, core gameplay, content. But you can only review what is in front of you, not what you hope they will patch in.

Aleithian1412d ago

You know, I haven't played this game yet, but I've watched a fair number of live streams on the PS4. So far, I'm not super impressed. The big issue for me is the combat - it doesn't look great. In fact, it looks like it has all the same issues in every previous AC game. After playing Shadow of Mordor for awhile and enjoying its fantastic combat system, ACU looks ridiculously dated.

And I'm not just talking about combat mechanics. The animations look terrible, the contact between attacker and defender is way off (hitting thin air with the sword then watching the defender recoil, for instance), movement is slow. It just doesn't look that great. I don't see much improvement over previous entries.