GamesBeat: Assassin’s Creed: Unity bursts with beauty and some open-world jankiness (review)

GamesBeat's Jeff Grubb: I was not expecting to love Unity, but I do. Ubisoft nailed the big assassination missions and everything in between.

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deantak1374d ago

good to see them pull this series up.

starchild1374d ago

It seems good so far from what I have played. The graphics are gorgeous, although it does have more glitches than I was expecting. Hopefully some of that can be patched up, but it's not game-breaking or anything. I'm enjoying it a lot so far.

darkronin2291374d ago

Whoa, reviews seem to be all over the place for this one. I love the AC series, so I'll definitely play it at some point.

Ka7be1374d ago

So the game is optimized and runs like c*** and yet this guy gave it a 9/10 lol


midnightambler1374d ago

I'm so damn confused by the whole AC franchise. Why couldn't they just number all the game, instead of giving some of them names? What the heck number is this?