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Relative revolution.

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spirited1129d ago (Edited 1129d ago )

am enjoining these scores of Unity if only and hopefully the

sales are the same

enough of the yearly release

bleedsoe9mm1129d ago

one year of bad reviews , you know what we get next year , thats right ...jetpacks and wall running lol

Ashunderfire861129d ago

That is the thing now in gaming lol even Halo 5 has it too.

Eamon1129d ago

If I remember correctly, AC1 also got a 7.8 from IGN.

Hopefully, next year we can get a sequel to Prince of Persia 2008 :P

FullmetalRoyale1129d ago

*plays Full Circle song featured in the Black Flag trailers*

joab7771129d ago

I just don't understand why Unity doesn't look as good as Black Flag on PS4. Is it that taxing already, or was there no time spent optimizing for it?

starchild1129d ago

I'm sorry, but that is simply not true. Unity looks a lot better than Black Flag. Anybody telling you otherwise is full of it. It's also a lot denser in detail, NPCs, etc.

starchild1129d ago

Oh really disagreers? Do you wan't to actually put forth at least some kind of an argument?

It's an objective fact that AC Unity is a more graphically advanced game than AC4. I'd love to hear arguments to the contrary.

DefenderOfDoom21129d ago

Well from a person who does not play ASSASSINS CREED games , this latest installment of the series seems to be solid , according to the reviews i have read.

Harold_Finch1129d ago

nooo, people think 7.8 means bad now remember? :P

Hence the disagrees

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