Assassin's Creed Unity Review - Performance Issues Murder the Excellence - CramG

An Assassin's Creed Unity review looking at the game and its features in video and text format.

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moegooner881344d ago

Stop rushing your games Ubisoft.

hello121344d ago

Over ambitious if you ask me. Consoles are not powerful enough to run this game flawless.

High end PC'S have a better chance.

Plagasx1344d ago

Shhhhh don't let the console gamers hear that..

Ippiki Okami1344d ago

"Nvidia is helping to bring "Hollywood-levels of smooth animation" to Ubisoft's upcoming titles."

So what happend? This was a PC lead platform game and it turned out sh*t on all platforms. "PC elite" indeed.

Maxor1344d ago

I'm playing this on my new 980 GTX. No performance issues at 1440p 40-60 FPS all day :) It might be a bit ambitious on Ubi's part to squeeze this game on to the consoles but damn, if you have to hardware to handle it the graphics and scale doesn't disappoint.

gangsta_red1344d ago

"Performance Issues Murder the Excellence"

And they still gave this game an 8? If any game is suffering with performance issues like the ones being shown here then the score should take a bigger hit.

In my opinion.

Maxor1344d ago

I got this game for free with my 980 GTX and in some ways, it totally justified the purchase of a $600 video card. The texture quality is simply amazing considering the massive NPC density. This isn't like the AC of the past where towns would have 10-30 npcs on screen at once. There could be 50 to a hundred viewable npcs on the map and the feel being in a historical city is astounding.

The good news: 1440p @ 60fps all day.
The bad news: one 980 GTX isn't enough to do 4K :(