How Well Does Assassin's Creed Unity Actually Run on PS4?

Push Square: "We're still working on our full review of Assassin's Creed Unity, but with all of this speculation as to how the game actually looks and runs on the PlayStation 4, we thought that it'd be a good idea to put forward a report on the matter. We're a reasonable way into the sandbox adventure, and by this point, we reckon that we've seen enough to give you a relatively quick verdict. Does it look next-gen? How does the framerate hold up? We'll attempt to answer these questions below, and we've even provided a handful of screenshots taken directly from our console to help showcase the Paris that Ubisoft has so lovingly crafted."

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decrypt1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

"those same people really won't be happy when that framerate drops into the 20s. These annoying dips occur on a frequent basis, particularly when you're weaving through the aforementioned crowds."

So much for the GDDR 5, should have packed the console with a beefier CPU / GPU. True next gen games start rolling out and already no 1080p and below 30fps.

If game makers are to up the graphics in the coming years, PS4 and Xb1 will fall back to 720p 30fps and below.

1080p a promise Sony and MS will need to take another shot at next gen after 2 decades of trying.

camel_toad1290d ago

Going by the performance from ps4, xb1 and pc (version which Im playing) and on ubisofts track record including Watch Dogs, its not the hardware. Its Ubisoft.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

It's not the PS4 that's the problem. It's the game itself. The Xbox One version is having the same problems with framerates.

pumpactionpimp1290d ago

Minimum requirements for this game on pc are nvidia 680, or amd 7970. Thats absolutely ridiculous!

smolinsk1290d ago

Guys guys come down, its only Ubisoft that are to blame here, simply not good enough, all other game developers have no problems with 1080p 60/30fps, so ubisoft is the problem here not the ps4 and xbox one

cellfluid1290d ago

After looking @ watchfrogs assassin's bleed the flu I think it's safe to say I will hold bac on the division.. I will not be purchasing any titles with this under performance level....more money for me.. I might just buy a plane ticket and go somewhere to escape the madnes!!!

lunatic00011290d ago

i havent bought ac unity yet...and will not until its fixed through patches