File size for the digital release of Grand Theft Auto V on Xbox One

The file size has been revealed for the digital release of Grand Theft Auto V on Xbox One.

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ainTgoTTime2bleed1373d ago

'' The videogame is going to take up 42.44 GB of space on the hard drive. In comparison, the PlayStation 4 version reportedly takes up around the same amount at 44.9 GB.


dasbeer881373d ago

Never been a fan of sandbox games so yay for me! :D

Malphite1373d ago

Because the ultimate goal of gaming is to keep the HDD free. /jk

Clunkyd1373d ago

My ISP provider would kill me for downloading files that big, thank god for physical copies. :D

darthv721373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

There is roughly a 2gb difference between the two. Why is that?

ainTgoTTime2bleed1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

Problably the extras used for the ds4....maybe, I'm not sure though...

bleedsoe9mm1373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

does the ps4 version have extra content (radio or something else maybe early dlc or online) with the bundle hardware partnership

Jeff2571373d ago

The only big differences I know of is the usage of the DS4. The phone calls and police radio come out of the speaker on the DS4. The light will change when being chased by Police on the front of the controller. And the usage of the touchpad for some actions. Maybe with those and some difference in file compression that could account for the different file sizes.

Malphite1373d ago

Probably due to different data compression/decompression methods.

Phoenix761373d ago

Save ya all some time looking

XB1 - 42.44Gb
PS4 - 44.9Gb

nucky641373d ago

I've read titles like this before - whether it's for xbox or playstation. and what I'd like to know is: why does it say file size.....for xbox1? wouldn't it be the same file size for both xbox and ps4??

RedCloud881373d ago

Varying content in the game, differences on their security layers and different compression algorithms all factor in on the final size of the game.

KTF261373d ago (Edited 1373d ago )

for AAA games these days it's not really big
but what about the PC version with 4K textures!!!
I don't have a 4K monitor and I don't want that extra space
I hope they release the 4K textures as free DLC

Are_The_MaDNess1373d ago

you really have no idea what 4k textures means for the game do you?
you dont need to have a 4k monitor or play the game at that res to see a difference you can clearly see a difference between 2k and 4k textures even on a 720p res, its even more noticeable on 1080p or higher as you can see the textures better at a longer distance.

also, they have not mentioned 4k textures at all.... they have just said they can render the game at 4k. the textures can be anything from 512px to 8k for all we know (ofc they use difference texture sizes for different things like always in all games)

its not like you can really tell the difference anyway..... and most of the time the size of the textures are almost twice as large in file size if not more, ofc the right compression of the texture got a lot to say in the quality too.