Halo: The Master Chief Collection Came Out Today and Twitter Literally Can’t Even

Halo: The Master Chief Collection launched today. A peek across the internet and you'll find some mixed-to-favorable reactions on the internet. In particular, Twitter doesn't seem to know where it stands.

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TheWatercooler1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

I know alot of people from one side of the camp thought this was going to be the remaster to end all remasters.

It hasn't turned out that way though. Last of us is still the highest rated remaster of the year according to metacritic.

Only GTA V can dethrone it now. We sill see soon. We should have known. ND and Rockstar are the top 2 developers in the industry

SuperLupe1411d ago

Yeah only problem is you cant play metacritic scores.

700p1410d ago

anyone who goes by metacritic scores is a moron LOL

guitarded771410d ago

I thought we all agreed to never mention Metacritic again on this site.

The title made me think of this...

Pogmathoin1410d ago

Funny, last gen, sony fanbots like water used to dismiss metacritic.

darthv721411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

@saltwater.. I guess its a good thing the xbox fans have such a watchful eye on things such as yourself. you care more for the xbox platform than you lead on...just admit it already.

Alabamarolltide19901411d ago

I'll get disagrees bubble downed again. But when it comes to content it owns TLOU halo has 4 games 100+ maps and Halo 5 beta. Despite some issues they can fix. I still think Halo MCC is a better deal

madmonkey011411d ago

got to say, even as a ps4 owner, its a cracking deal for fans of the genre.

i hope to see a similar uncharted bundle but its probably too soon for that, and doesn't have the market appeal that halo does.

BitbyDeath1411d ago

Value for money wise you are 100% right.

Ra30301411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

@Alabamarolltide 1990
Me and two of my friends each went and got the Xbox One just for The MCC and we each took a day off work......Microsoft can't fix that. This is just one of many reasons I never should have been talked into getting the X1. You just can't trust Microsoft for anything or reason. Imo
PS....Dave I freaking hate you! Lol

paul-p19881410d ago

I've never liked Halo, or xbox for that matter, but when Microsoft announced the MCC even I wanted to buy it. Such an amazing deal for the fans!

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GodGinrai1411d ago

"I know alot of people from one side of the camp thought this was going to be the remaster to end all remasters. "

LOL...Oh but it is. A few launch hiccups that will get ironed before the weeks up, is hardly going to keep people off halo.

nicksetzer11411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

@watercooler Guessing you didn't read the article? Literally every tweet is positive othe than people being upset that matchmakijg is down.

Coop, campaign and custom games are all up fine, pretty sure every major game has issues within the first 24 hours of launch. From COD to GTA to TLOU remaster to titanfall etc etc etc.

Honestly though, the game has been working fine outside US since launch (played with aussies and brits last night) and seems to be fine for me since about 6am est. Just slow now.

You're sad attempt to claim it is a terrible remaster because of a few hours of woe for ONE of the many types of online play is just sad. There is a clear reason you have one bubble.


tgunzz1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

So quick to bash that you don't think things through (interesting)... TMCC is not the end all (never considered to be), but infact it's the begining of the ultra value, worthy remaster collection. Going forward , all remasters will begin being judged heavily on the content value, which makes TMCC phenomenal.

spicelicka1411d ago

According to Metacritic? That doesn't mean anything. Last of us wasn't reviewed based on how well it was remastered. It's just an amazing game, and the reviewers based the rating on how the game was last year. How could it be better as a remaster if halo 4 came out just 6 months before it, which the collection includes in 1080p, 60fps (just like last of us) alonggg with 3 other of the greatest games, all remastered, halo 2 completely redone, and a hot shit-ton of content, I mean just think about it.

Halo 2 has the same rating as last of us on Metacritic, so by that logic, halo 2 remastered should be reviewed the same way.

No question Last of us is amazing, but it has a concentrated fanbase and it's hard to hate on it. Halo on the other hand has millions of lovers and many many haters over its 14 years of existence. It's a much bigger beast, and not every reviewer is into halo, so to them it's just a collection of everything they're not a fan of.

And on top of that, metacritic has like 30 reviews while there are over 60 reviews on N4G, most of which are perfect.

DeadManMMX1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

Man I love The Last Of Us but that and Uncharted can only be played so much. Master Chief collection has damn near infinite replay value. With full co op support for up to 4 players and some of the best Multiplayer that's ever existed. This is the remaster to end all remasters. The value alone is ridiculous. Not since Super Mario All Stars has this much great content been available in one package for such a nice price. Downplay it all you want but a blind man can see the positives on this one. One more thing who gives a flying *#&($ about metacritic, lol. When did we start using that in our arguments. That just like Amazon ratings, just like these comments with their ghost disagrees just for the sake of it can be altered. Metacritic will not form the base of any argument that sways me.

tlougotg1411d ago

You sound so biased it's insane lol ppl are tired of fpS after fPS and sorry buddy uncharted has some of the best coop ever made. I'd get tired of plying halo soon enough. Luckily opinions are just tht but DNA stop being a fanboy.

DeadManMMX1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

@tlougotg Pot meet Kettle.I'm bisaed because i see the value in 4 A++ games plus all their DLC and maps on one disc. Yep you got me.

shloobmm31411d ago

There is no comparison. As much as i loved the last of us, content alone takes MCC to the next level and as we all know these are 4 of the best rated ganes of all time.

pompombrum1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

How many people really expected it to be the remaster to end all remasters? That's what GTA is aiming for, MCC is the collection to end all collections and tbh it delivers on this perfectly. Where else for the price of a single game can you get so many different SP and MP experiences on one single disc? The game is jam packed with value and is every halo fan's dream collection.

Svinya1410d ago

Halo IS the remaster to own all remasters, though. Lol. Metacritic scores don't change that. 1 game versus 4...what a joke. Tlou loses horribly.

DLConspiracy1410d ago (Edited 1410d ago )

Over a decade of memories on on disc and you come in to be a Debbie downer. Makes you wonder if you ever played a halo game with friends and smiled before. So sad...

DonFreezer1410d ago

Shut your mouth! If we take reviewers logic Halo The Master Chief Collection should have gotten 93/100 minimum based on the fact that all games featured average at that score.And if we take into account the new Halo 2 this score should go upwards. Not to forget Halo:Nightfalls and the achievements.
The hypocrisy was strong in the MCC reviews. If they judged The Last OF Us on the same basis they would have given it marks down because of it's outdated graphics compared to Killzone and Ryse.

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vega2751411d ago

I AM ON MY WAY HOME NOW TO PLAY....... hurry up bus :-(

gangsta_red1411d ago (Edited 1411d ago )

"The Master Chief Collection Came Out Today and Twitter Literally Can’t Even"

Can't even what?!? What?! Ooooh man the suspense is killing me! Somebody finish the title before I go crazy over here!

I love how Watercooler comes in to troll every Xbox article. It pains me that many of my "Well Saids" were turned into "trolling" and "Off Topics" by certain mods in order to get me down to one bubble and to his status but...such is N4G i guess.

darthv721411d ago

"....Control Itself From All The Positive Tweets That Saltwater Cooler Is Beside himself Trying To Downplay The Entire Thing"

there you go red....all finished.

GodGinrai1411d ago

Installing my copy now :)

Its gonna be a looong night. Think Im gonna start with Halo 1. I never picked up the remake on x360, anyway.

MeliMel1411d ago

Man i was gonna ask you the other day about your bubbles. One day you had like 4 and then you have 1, im like wtf happened here. But its whatever man, just make that one count is all. I just found it weird that most of your comments are on point and to the topic. Yet I see other dudes with like 10 bubbles and all they do is talk mad fanboy ish. Lol..sheit let me stop before my bubbles disappear.

objdadon1411d ago

Yeah your best bet is to play the story because your chances of getting in multiplayer are slim to none. I got in a total of 3 matches in a hour and a half last night before I just gave up!

Alabamarolltide19901411d ago

I only got in one match last night. Gave up now im not having any issues

Lawboy21411d ago

they have fixed it into three matches in an hour before my class

vega2751411d ago

Is it fixed? Damn MS that was fast. Anyway im Still on bus :-(

Immorals1411d ago

Mines still struggling on the searching for players screen. Still, it's been about a decade since I last played halo 1, campaign number 1 it is!

Reaper29r1411d ago

I'm still sitting here waiting on my copy to arrive from Amazon lol. Next time it's something this big midnight store release for sure. First thing for me doing H2A campaign.

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